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Dream or Duty?

I had a dream.
A dream which I wanna see before my death.
A dream which made me realize something important.
A dream which is no more a history.
A dream which is of immense happiness as that of a mother after giving birth to her baby.
A dream so fullfilled, that it is like the hug of achievement one gets from his father.
A dream so precious like the first instance of love that one shall cherish it for his life.
A dream so soothing as the summer rain and the winter sunshine.
A dream so lively that u shall feel always being with your best friends.
A dream so magnificent that u wanna save it with your life.
A dream so pleasant that this blog is not enough to describe it.
And do you know what that dream is?
The dream I had was neither about my friends, nor my parents, nor my happiness, nor my family, nor about my future success.
But it was about the people who stand in the heavy snows in northern Indian border and of those who stand guard in the deserts of Rajasthan and of the soldiers who fight their lives for India. It was a dream in which every Indian soldier is happy to see the new country INDIA in which young minds start to show the world the true potential of Indians.
The dream in which no more Indians went to foreign land to do their education, no more import happened, no more a corruption in the country, no more bad roads, no more poverty and went on.
But it was interrupted in the middle by this one person who walked by me and asked me, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO EXPERIENCE THIS DREAM?"
I was about to answer and again the person interrupted me before hearing the answer saying, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MAKE THIS DREAM HAPPEN IN REALITY?"
I had words in my mind to answer this question, but my heart stopped me from answering and I had this voice in my mind calling me and saying "WHAT YOU DID IS NOTHING FOR YOUR COUNTRY, WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO IS GOING TO MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY." Then this light came shattering into my eyes. I woke up and saw the sun rising outside the window. Was it a light of realization? YES I say. Will that be a light to all young minds of India? My hope is on it.

The fame or the fate of the country depends on the hands of individuals like YOU. Ours is a country of extrordinary minds and skills. Ours is a country of great imagination and I dont want that imagination to remain imaginary in my life. I shall try my fullest to make my country more worthy than what it is now and I am not requesting you but demanding you as a fellow countrymen to do greatness for our country INDIA.
Mere Bharath Mahan. India - the land of religion, culture and thoughts.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, February 27, 2006 6 comments