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Open Sesame

Every man is to himself in moments of pain and failure...... Unfortunately some are bestowed the misery of spending their moments of success and happiness with themselves owing to their past failures.....
And I have fallen into that 'some' category!!!
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Spoon Fed Education

Well, it's one of those crazy days of night life, and I'm in a 10 min mood to pen an observation.

From the past 3 night outs, this is what I observed - Within the first one-third of the total time spent in writing a research article, I bite my pen. The second phase's onset is indicated by the sucking of the ice-cream void spoon from falling over the rapidly typed keyboard (while the real carrot flavored ice cream melts on the side). The transition of the hunger phase to sleep deprived yawn phase is ribbon-cut with the lips sealing to hold on to a journal article ready to be referenced.....

The lady version of Bahara is turning out to be a Kosher..... Back to tapping toes, slow head-banging, and typing taals!!!

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The Law Holds No Matter What

"Every body will persist in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it" ~ Newtons First Law

I'm still holding on to my line, and haven't moved on........ And every now and then I keep thinking, "What force is going to change/show my destiny?"

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