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The return of Chota Bheem from India

Age: 2 yrs and a few days.
Weight: 68 lbs (3 months back was 47 lbs - Is cholesterol the major content of my mum's/his grandmum's love?)
Name: No longer goes with "Jay". Responds to only "Babu Jayanth" (Thanks to G2 (gradnpa 2 - dad's elder bro)! Only he can induce such localization).
Favorite food: Anything that has chocolate in it (Asked for chocolate syrup over chocolate cake for the few minutes he spent time with me)
Hobby: Asking repetitive questions (Ex: Daddy, what are you doing? - like 10 times. Uncle Haarii, what is that?, etc)
Often used Punch dialogue: Chota Bheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem will save you (and then goes pow pow pow on everyone except me... :D - Thanks to Pogo channel back in India - he knows mahabarath more than me.)
Biggest achievement in life so far: Voluntarily tonsured in Krishna's house (Tirupathi for him) and has been more than happy being that way.
Favorite music instrument: His dad's tonsured head. I hope that knocks some sense into his brain... :P

Image when he was in India with me

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Back to School

When your peripheral line of vision is enslaved by a huddle of coffee mug'ed, veteran-experienced, thickly four-eyed, and 90% of the opposite sex in a class room where 'rap-headed-version' of mugging biology is the key to understand the principles behind 'what I learn now governs my future', then all I can do is "Work harder than before". And this is just the definition of one of my five classes. While the adjustment with settling back into the study section of school has been tending at the speed of light, the havoc that's been kinked along with the addendum meetings, collaborative lab works, multiple projects and the TA job, has precariously kept me in the bee's line effort to reach goals (and most times home-works). Only a 'raining cats and dogs weekend leads to cancellation of the game' reason helped me to recuperate with 14 hrs of a 3-cycle added sleep and here I am sailing back into the bloggers bay.

Many a thing happened over a period of 30+ days that could have efficiently highlighted the color of the blog, if posted at those specific dates. But with the muscle spanning 6" between my ears failing to progress in the database management side, I guess I'll refrain from detailing 'em out and just stick to the highlights version.

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