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Mind over Maturity

There is a certain maturity of confusion open to the living stage that is keeping me from celebrating the little fun parts in life. A state of sleeplessness is caused by the exhaustively under productive mind that speaks volumes of designing a schedule out of sheer panic at a stage of 'taking the next step', creates alternatives in the case of a failure, and above all conjures and amalgamates the darkest and deepest fears of personal life with an unseen future. But, what makes this state of confusion "mature" (as I've termed in the beginning), is the heart that tries to console the mind in letting to sleep by stating, "You've been in such life changing steps before, climbed 'em with some effort, and have had a better perspective of the higher floor".

This is all new to me. These are all volcanic to me. And these are all becoming the muzzle for me. (Credit is given to this song for making me relaxed enough to compose the post during one of the sleepless at Lexington nights)
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The biggest mistakes in life are at times 'to believe.....' Does time 'just' heal? Or does it heal with consequences?
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Random Laughs!!!

Just some snaps of smileys that I come across often during the walk to work. (Just in the mood to share)

1. Mr. Peeping Tom - Located on the 4th floor of BBSRB building seen clearly by pedestrians crossing Virginia and Limestone. Unfortunately, heads don't look up to the sky!!! Lucky me!!!

2. Concrete Smile - Located on the sidewalk near Washington and Limestone. Good thing is the location is converted into a bus stop for students. Bad news is that students are busy not noticing this concrete slab'ed smiley.

3. The Pissed Joker - Located on one of the mens restrooms in ASTECC building. You can notice its location by sighting the flush handle and better, the phrase "American Standard" :P (I'd really bow to the artist for this masterpiece)

4. The Scheduled Smiley - Location "UK college of dentistry information desk." There is this African American nurse who schedules appointments and draws smileys whenever the patient is polite to her. (Have seen her skip the smiley part when someone rude turns up).

5. Signature Smiley - A decade of college notes, laboratory details, birthday greetings, and even the sale value document of the house that was partly in my name, all had the dates (years) converted into smileys. Truly it has become, one of my signatures. [photo not shown coz every reader of this blog has at least one greeting from me with the dated smiley in it. If not welcome to my blog stranger.]
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The fool's quote

All I need is one sensible person to say, "Give up Hari... You're just not that guy!!!"

~ Every day is the first of April for a leprechaun.


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