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$#@$%@#$#@%!%^##$@$#@%$#%$#@% is what I wanted to write here in the first place for getting tagged by The Nut. But seeing her commenting Mr. Hollands Opus as one of her favorite movies, made me take the post (It's in the top of my favorites too).

This tag is to mention 6 of my unspectacular quirks I have.... So here goes.... Damn! I hate people knowing about me, before even meeting me...

1. I have this addiction to touch leaves, plants, shrubs, and sometimes even huff and puff leaves hanging off branches near my head as I walk. Since it's started with the walk, I like to skip jump in a fashion over pavements as a style I picked up from my kiddo days. But I assure you all, I do check my 360 before I make such childish behavior... :D

2. It is not hate that runs into my brain when someone (even accidentally) touches my ear lobes, but some kind of involuntary impulsive muscular contraction that makes me hit the person or push someone off my neighborhood. But recently, I've managed to control that emotion by crossing my toe fingers with extreme pressure inside my shoes..... Sounds interesting eh.... :D

3. Lonely elevators are my favorite past times when I need time to relax. When I'm active, I press the top most floor button, and race against the elevator in the stairs (My best win was in a 16 floor building). Be it, even if I get injured, I climb till the last floor to have a feel of achievement. But when I'm tired and am inside an empty elevator, I play "Open Sesame... and Close Sesameee" I do make gestures of a magician as the door open and close..... :D :D

4. "Touchy Topic - But What the Heaven... It's on my character any way" From my recent past experiences with the ladies, I started believing that (it's only MY belief and am not intending to generalize over here) women tend to remember a guy in a particular way (say like serious or funny or sarcastic or gentle or etc) within the first few meetings. They never change their mindset on that guy even after several months, years or even decades (though the guy has infact turned either mature or cool or gone back to his original state, etc). So in order to avoid any potential misunderstanding of the way they judge my character, I, in the very first visit stick to jokes, related to whatever is happening around, and continue with self criticizing sarcasm (note - not on the lady but on self) in language, while my physical actions and gestures tend to prove that I'm a gentleman (like opening the door for the lady, holding up a cab, hand gesturing "Ladies First" etc).

5. I have this questionable mood with people who complain on issues such as the weather which is not under their control. "It's too sultry today. Ahh... I wish it wasn't raining" "It's too cold outside. I won't come out till the sun shines brighter...." "Damn this summer. When would it rain??" etc... All I do is give them a smirk and walk out to enjoy the weather - whatever it may be. Just bask and tan in summer, enjoy the clattering sound of your teeth and the feel of warm breath during winter and the feeling of rain drops cleansing your soul..... Ah.... I need to go for a long drive today.....

6. Truly saying, most of the friends I enjoy being with (when I need answers to my confused questions) are in fact very old people and really young children (on the contrary to what my pals of similar age think). Old people never question my troubles but answer me with their experiences, while young children in a cute way always question about my frown rather than answering me. Either way, I am left with answers beyond my imagination. ....

And now for the tagging part
'A' and anyone and everyone and someone...... Yaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn.... Time for dinner, an episode of Bones, and a slice of cheese cake....

Off the Tag: Guess, it's time to finally continue the good ol tradition of night dine ins in restaurants by going alone (enough trying to find a partner)
Songs: A load of songs are pepping up my oval box. For now, Gum Sum and Meherbaan from Ada, Most songs of Jaane Tu ya blah blah blah, Many OST's from English movies, etc....
Scrubs season 2 DVDs is finally at home, Bones Season 3 is finally downloaded (am going geeky again) and what happened to The Big Bang Theory - I need links to the recent episode

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Signature Types.....

I: (flipping the new license) Do you want me to put my celebrity autograph at the back of your license?
AL: (Retrieving his license in a friendly gesture) Hmm... Haven't gone to that state of mind yet. But, when I do, you'll be the first to autograph it.
S/SM (SM coz she's like my 'S'econd 'M'om): (with a puzzled face) What are you guys talking about?
AL: Organ donation endorsement.....
SM: Did you endorse yours?
I: (Gladly expressing my approval towards the program) The very next minute I noticed that option on my license.....
SM: Hmmmm.... (Slowly receding off the conversation)
I: (Thinking - Errrr..... Guess, I should give it a try to see someone go for it) (Giving a big natural 'from the heart' smile) As long as my mummy papa have my body to cry onto, they won't mind about me donating some organs.....
SM, AL, N, J: (Throwing questionable looks on my statement)
I: (Ohhhh Kayyyyy.... Wrong statement.... Either finish it by saying "Noting, jus carry on" or go till the end....) By the time, someone finds me dead on the road, recover my body, 'Sign' it, 'Seal' it, and 'Deliver' it to my parents back in India, it would be at least a couple of days.
SM: So...... (Waiting for me to give them a stronger reason)
I: In two days, I would be bloated. (Used my hands to gesture out how I would look) My hip size would be 40+ and all they know is that am lying there dead.
AL, SM: (not sure what I'm telling them about.....)
I: I accept, my parents, would be really crying and shall be upset about what I did about, donating my organs. But, within minutes, they would cry about my death rather than me losing my organs and that's just the worst case scenario. Now just imagine the best case scenario from "YOUR" parents point of view...
Everyone: (Slowly everyone's eyes started to stare into the wormhole of imagination, gathering thoughts about their respective parents characters and their way of accepting something good in a bad situation....)
J: So which organs, are you donating when you die??
I: Hmmm Good question.... If, by chance, nature allows me to give a decision after my death or if I can come as a Bhooth and tell in your ears, I'd prefer giving everything I can donate, unless otherwise they are squished to pure mutton during the course of my death.
Everyone: (Smiling for the PJ .............)
I: (Satisfied smile and satisfied on what I'm doing....)
N: Hari.... I guess you've got another 100 years to live on.....
I: Huh...... (My mind raced - that means another few dozen PhD's, a quarter century of MBA's, a few post docs and what the hell... Am thinking about being a student for the rest of my life.. Focus Hari... Focus... Try to get the hell outta here first of all.....)

After catching up on the guys returning from the bank, I noticed SM wearing a cool coolers and it looked cute on her. "Aah.... Finally some time for a practical way to make them smile", I thought
Immediately, took my pocket notepad, and opened my pen and pushed J from the way and panted and said, "(panting.....) Autograph ma'am (panting....).... Ran all the way to catch a glimpse of the celebrity...."
SM: (Smiling excitedly as always...) Sure.... (and she took the pen and the note and penned down)

"SMILE ALWAYS THE WAY YOU ARE NOW" and then chicken feeted a signature indicative of her doctorate attempts... (It's strange, why PhD's and MBBS people have very bad handwriting...) But the fun thing was, she made a hat out of her initial and that was interesting....
I: AL... 15 years down the road, Am bidding her first autograph for half a million dollars in e-bay... (and we all bid adieu with laughter....)

Off the Signatures: It's quite odd, that all my 3 recent posts have had at least a statement on death. My Bad, if I'd made you guys worried. I'm doing excellent over here. Excellent enough, to a level that, I answered a sheriff on the reason for my speeding as, "Officer... You know, that the previous 20 miles was under construction zone and there was no exit for me to run for peeing. That's why I was speeding..... If you don't mind, by the time you write my citation, can I go around that bush over there????" and gave a big smile. His smiling reply was, "You can sir. But I need to give you another citation for that too. Do you mind?" for which I sheepishly smiled and said, "No thank you officer. I can hold on for a little longer... I GUESS...." and in a few minutes he gave me a warning (Guess my 14th or 15th) for over speeding.... :D
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Wrong.. Wrong... Wrong......

Dr. Cox's answer on relationships (from Scrubs) which I liked the most among all the dialogues I listened to over a few months.

Relationships. Well, Sigmund, relationships are so fragile, it just takes one thing, one...tiny little offense, and it can snowball on ya. And if that snowball starts to pick up speed, God forbid, you better tuck and go, my friend.
(after several other scenes)

And bam! The shine's off the apple. And that's when you find out that that pretty little girl you married isn't a pretty little girl at all. No, she's a man-eater. And I'm not talking about the "whoa-whoa, here she comes" kind of man-eater. I'm talking about the kind that uses your dignity as a dishtowel to wipe up any shreds of manhood that might be stuck inside the sink. Of course, I may have tormented her from time to time; but, honest to God, that's what I thought marriage was all about. So much so that, by the end of that relationship, I honestly don't know who I hated more -- her or me? I used to sit around and wonder...why our friends weren't trying to destroy each other, like we were. And here, it turns out, the answer's pretty simple: They weren't unhappy. We were.

First of all, yes I'm a big fan of Dr. Cox. Secondly, I'm not intending to reveal anything happening to me or correlate the above statement with my personal life. It's all the same and shall remain the same for God knows how long (It's no longer in my hands). Right now, the biggest concern, is how to bring back the one chance I lost to capitalize, in returning the favor my best friend gave me, when I was all in a state of misery. It still confuses me, on how I abandoned him (listening to his affirmative talk), and went on a vacation. Guess, the changes am experiencing, isn't really helping me around in life after all. I just want to go to Aurora, be with him, try to rant some confident piece of shit and make him regain his focus in life. If he remains this way, then am doomed. I'm very much confused (but 'not sad' - part of the change am seeing), on even simple things (But definitely am being bombarded by a series of notices, that really is trying to pull me into the quicksand). With isolation proving to be a great friend of hope, guess it's finally time to face issues for self.

And yes, I was in Niagara, trying to find answers for unknown questions, amidst the head pounding waterfalls for nearly 20 odd minutes alone, and in Cedar Point, desperately trying to instate some fear by riding 9 roller coasters, all of which failed to even make me flinch or wink while riding 'em (even unbuckling the safety belt in the last ride proved to be of no hope, the safety harness was still on coz it wasn't under my control). For record purposes, this trip was by far most the worst trip in my memory lane (from personal point of view). Am never gonna enjoy roller coasters again in my life. Suggest me the top 10 scariest rides in the world - I need to be afraid of life or else, I'm doomed to die of a certain ridiculous adventure.... :(
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Some questions

Is someone a bad person if he is not there to shoulder the tears of a fellow friend?
Does it make a person a coward, if he hasn't stood up in his life for a self benefiting situation, coz he thought it would hurt others?
Is it really wrong for a person to be selfless?
Why is it, that even at the thickest of the situations, a person hopes for the best in the future?
Should one believe in second chances?
Does a sacrifice make a person feel weak in this current world? and finally
Why does one rely on hope for the best, when he already knows its the thats going to happen?

Sometimes, I don't know the answers for the questions am never prepared for and I don't know why I chase to find the worst answer. I just wanted to lead a simple life, but I ruined my chances for leading that life. I can never be confident again in my life and I can never be the winner I believed in..... (Just a self realization and so no worries. Am all fine and ready to curve my lips at what I have and what I can never have)
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Have you ever wondered how some chances turn the way life moves? (Well, you're right. Am a lil serious now) I had a few chances, which I either took serious, or for granted, or in short just threw 'em out of the window. The past 2 weeks had been really a testing ground in my life.

About 15 days ago, I started having high intensity head aches, and some migraines and a rare two shots of blackouts (I meant shots, coz both the times, I was holding a beaker of my research chemicals for my reaction setup). A general CT scan gave a mess of few days, coz I was diagonized with a ruptured blood vessel in my brain. Luckily, I had 2 full days spent in Kansas city, before my second scan report showed up that I had no issues in my brain. Thanks to the quack and his rapport, on how I can end up in my grave, I did see things different in life. A family reunion (felt like the last one ever), a sudden change of affection from my nephew towards me, a horrendous time of misful life with zero friends, a house filled with three great men who never realized my head ache and agony, a few late hours of dedicated work to finish off my duties before I see the gate, a spiral to the past and the few people's memories who left a lil too early, a few smirks of the things I never did or said in life (which proved finally worth being mute for) and a painful time talking to my parents who never knew what was actually going in my brains (along with the so called blood vessel rupture), all ended up making me realize how I missed some chances in life.
[The rest of the post has been saved as a different post for personal reasons....]
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The Graduate

Ah.... Finally I've taken the SD card of my camera and copied the pictures. It's real ironic, that this is the only way I can dream of getting my degree (ahem ahem.... Even multiple doctorates)..... Right now, am in a pretty bad mood.. So I'll finish the post with this full stop (guess it's the closing apostrophe which won over the full stop)"."
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My Civilized & Historical Geography Skills

"That's not a problem! Guess it has to be like 8 or 9 hours. It's all a straight road", shooting affirmative statements at my querying friend at the background.
"Florida - cross the border and we should be in Texas", remembering the way the map of USA is in my mind and stating pretty confidently.
An immediate shock among the entire group, and one of my friends blurted with a smug, "Yoooow! You kidding? There's Mississippi, New Orleans - Louisiana and one more state too in between Texas and Florida"

Instantaneously, the snub was shot from another funny friend of mine, "Nuh uhhh... For Hari, it's all the same. Hit the road and he can jump right across the states and land in Texas in 6 hours"

Waking up from the imaginary Stateless USA map, I decided to surrender from further mockery with a submissive joke, "When were those states placed on the map? Where did they come from?" And the rest of the day was all fun. Till date, they pull my leg with this incident for fun....

The above incident happened about a month before New Year while planning a road trip from Lexington to Gainesville en route to Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi Island, San Antonio. Though I couldn't make it to Texas, somehow I planned a trip worthy enough for the guys to enjoy the bashful year.

Truly accepting, I'm just like the ant who follows the Sun in the sky. Give me a wheel to hold, a throttle to press on to and a printed google maps, and I'll keep on driving, not worrying about what states come on the way or even cities. I am the same guy who marked Mahabaleshwar in Mahabalipuram and confused Bhramaputra with Sumatra. Although I was pathetic in my geography somehow I managed to pass out of school with some funny memories (shading maps, locating cities, drawing rivers, etc was the worst things I've done in my History & geography class. Don't even ask about my civil science skills. All I knew was, I can vote when I'm 18).

A couple of days ago, I was involved in a similar geographical situation. While I was trying to help a good friend with options about her India trip, I put forth a splendid, unmistakably, 'worthless' plan, coz I had no clue of what lies to the North of New Delhi (actually to the south and east and west too :D). From my wonderful geographical memories, there's a vast expanse of space between Delhi and Jammu which could actually fit in the Savannah of Africa (or is it South America??? :o) and of course one of the cities under consideration.

Just now I checked the location of the three cities she had to visit during her trip and couldn't stop laughing, how much a jerk I was then, when I gave her an idea of my innovative travel plan. When she pointed out that her birth place in Chhatissgurh was somewhere away from Delhi by using hand gestures, I understood that she was born somewhere near Calcutta :))))... Now looking back, there's two Indian states between her birth place and Calcutta (just like Louisiana and Mississippi).

Her immediate comment after getting angry (which she somehow controlled from erupting magma on me) was, "Even if one city doesn't make a straight line with the other two, it forms a Triangle" or something similar to this.
"Wah Wahhh........ What Gyaan??? I never knew this concept.... How did I get out of school without knowing this?" is what that ran into my laughing head.... I managed to control my laughter and went truce with her statements.

Though the rest of discussion went pretty bad, to a state that she ended up generalizing to a degree on how people (or was it 'guyz'?, I don't remember now) always end up choosing the wrong option and forgot all about her food kept in the rear, I was a lil blank. But somehow, by the time I reached home, I realized from her final statement, that she came to a state of clarity, where eventually, she called one of the options as the 'generalized wrong option'. Great!! At least, my stupidity reinstated the 50:50 probability to a 50+:50- probability among her options.

A day later, I ended up filling my hunger with the Chalupa she forgot all about (Come on now! I did try to call her and inform about her food. Eventually forgot all about not keeping it in the refrigerator) and now, I am suffering from 'Chalupaose Intolerance'. Symptoms - Naaaaahhhh.... Doesn't smell that good ;)
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Dad's goin Defensive.......

Stretching discomfortingly for some leg space, I somehow managed to find my cell through the crevices of my couch cushions and speed dialed Home (India). As soon as mom's modernized south Indian accent-tinged "Yaellloooooo", resonated the nearby humid air, a gush of "There's still time for Mothers day" ad popped into my thoughts. (For those traditional 'everyday is mothers day' guys, it's just general knowledge to know at least the date - May 11th - or am I wrong as usual??? scratch, scratch. Lemme check google now. Hold on..... Oh Yeah! am right for the first time)

It's been a routine for me to usually upset my mom pretty bad for nearly a week and then surprise her on mothers day (and as usual dad frets - How come u forget fathers day every year?). So this year, I've somehow got busy with work and got clumsy with the usual routine. As, this reminder of a perennial practice popped up, I immediately wanted to get on the groove of upsetting mom and so told her, "Mom. Give the phone to dad. Need to talk with him"

Lucky for me, dad was at home waiting for the Mega Serial to end (so that mom can serve his lunch. Or was he waiting for mom to actually prepare lunch??? Hmmmm... Need to ask him next time). Spoke with him on some mano-o-mano talk and on the background, I can hear mom as usual giving him answers to my questions (Lady, how can you hear the questions, if your husband can't hear it on the phone??? Arrghhhh... I never understood that part. Either dad's turning deaf or mom's showing skills of espionage eavesdropping).

As the discussion went by, I overheard her rant of "Enough father son chitchat. Now give me the phone. Let me also talk with him" (Childishly arrogant at times... How better can the timing be?, Now to really boil her off...) "Dad, don't give her the phone. Tell her that am not interested in talking with her. She is boring" the next few minutes really made my day at least end with a happy note.
As soon as he heard my response, he went sheepish... He was like 'He.. he he... he hehe.... heeeeee...." He was really feeling being noosed down his throat - one end pulled by me and the other by his wife.
I: Dad, I am serious. Tell mom what I just told you
D: He... heeeee..... Noooo.... He.... heeee.......
I: Don't be afraid. Now, please tell her what I said
D: He No..... heeeee no..... hehehehehehehehe naahhhhhhhhh.......
I: Come on..... I never knew that you were afraid of mom......
D: Let it be that way.... Heeeee... heeee... (Still sheepishly) heeee (mom on the background: what are you giggling about now?)
I: (recovering from shock of what he just blurted), Whaaaa???? At least tell her something about me not interested in talking with her.....
D: Heee.. hee.. Oh Hee Kayyy heee hehehehe......
I: (Seesh! What happened to dad all of a sudden? What's mom doing to him now a days?) Yup...
D 2 Mom: He says,,,,,, your voice is like a lullaby to him and so he sleeps immediately, whereas I speak to him in a harsh style and so he is comfortable with it. He's got some work tonight in the lab and so doesn't want to sleep.
I: (Daiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........................ Dad just made up a perfect Lie................. )
(Before I can talk....)
Mom in the background: Oh.. OK.. Ask him not to stay awake all night. Ask him to call me even if he gets 2 hours of gap for sleep. I'll wake him up for sure... How can he sleep without my lullaby voice..... (and I can feel her smile happily about it)
I: (Whaaaa??????????? Mommmm.......... Nooooooo..... Now I need to call her everyday before I go to bed.... Am dead.......) MOMMMMMMMM...... That's a brutal lie ...... Dad's Lying... I am already trying to sleep. Am not in the lab... HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........
D: (His sheepish smile turns to a serious voice) Daiii... Stop screaming. She's gone into the kitchen (there was this added sense in his voice, which seemed like 'Finally, now I get food'). Don't make her mad this year too. Now go and sleep tight....
I: (Mad this year too..... Oh Kay.... He is serious abt my yearly routine.... Time to change the topic)... OK! One more thing..... Saw your grandsons new photo today in an album
D: (Immediate excitement in his voice) blah blah blah.......
I: (Yup... Nephew to the rescue......) blah blah blah.....
At the end of the conversation: Zzzzzzzz............. Huh.... Where am I??? When did I sleep????

Rite now: It's 1 am rite now and I've got to be in the lab till 11 30 pm tonite (That's nearly a day) to take out samples every 3 hrs. That means no contact with the lullaby lady and am in no mood to read papers or watch a movie in the lab... Guess I'll just drive around the city for a while...
Other than that: Been listening to 'Ten Seconds Before Sunrise' as I walk in the pouring rain (face looking up into the sky counting the rain drops) every now and then.... Now and Then can be considered synonymous to forever.....

(That's my nephew in my close friends shoulder :D )
And here's something you can look at before mothers day -

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Yeah I did go for the TAG

Mr. A’s tag -

Disclaimer: I’ve been getting the same tag for almost 2 months now from you guys. I guess it’s finally time for me to waste some precious time (got 10 mins before I run home to cook food for the roomies) in explaining about myself (who wants to know abt me?? :o) and finish the disappointment I’ve given to past taggers. So a sincere apology to you all (and a request not to tag me – am a lil allergic to tags)…

Last movie seen in a theatre:

Ironman – Rare to see me watch a movie in a mood ‘not to guess stuff’, and I had fun behaving like a kid with teens swarming the movie hall. PS, I did jump around as if I had a jet pack in the parking lot with my equally childish roomie.

What book are you reading?

Morrison & Boyd Organic Chemistry (trying to find something novel to get my name in the Nobel laureate list :D). I do have ‘Le Train de Nulle Part’ as recommended by the sweet 13 year old Meghna. But after getting the book, I found out that it hadn’t been translated yet. So I am waiting for Marker by Robin Cook to arrive soon (again Meghna’s suggestion). PS Le Train de Nulle Part is famous, coz it’s got no verbs in the entire novel. Now that’s literature.

Favourite board game:

Chess – Even if I don’t have a partner, I play with myself. Recently been addicted to Arima which I play online with my only other partner in Germany (He is damn good).

Favourite magazine:

My day is planned usually in the loo. So I decided not to ruin my routine by going for a magazine. But, other than magazine, I love to read Sci and Tech and Young World from The Hindu.

Favourite smells:

Petrol – Got intoxicated (sniffed a lot from my dad’s bullet) to a level that my parents had to use chilly powder on the gas cover to stop me from drinking more petrol. Other than that, the smell emanating while frying onions – aaahhhhhh….

Favourite sound:

Sound of happiness (be it even a loud rapture in my ears) from a kid…

Worst feeling in the world:

A lot of personal feelings is hurtful. So I’ll stick on to something outside that list. The cry of a father on his child’s death (Believe me, it’s something none should experience. PS it hurts more than the mothers cry though she’s got the most love towards the kid)

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

First thing is a lil personal. So I’ll go with the second feeling – Why is it that I think of ‘First thing I think of when I wake up’ thing always??? :(

Favourite fast food place:

Shankar Chat in Anna Nagar – Am drooling thinking about the paani poori I have over there. Here in the states – microwavable frozen food :D

Future child’s name:

I believe, it is something to be decided along with my better half. But I would give her the liberty of going for what she likes the most. But if I end up staying single, I would name my adopted two kids (yeah I like two than 1) after someone very close to me in my lifetime. PS, it is not bad or girlie to think of your future child’s name (Nina, trust me, Mr. A here would have already decided upon the name)

Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…”

Build a lot of children hospital in the world and make it free for the world. But since, that’s a lot of money, I would invest it in something good and profitable and recruit a board of great men (and women) who can achieve the first goal centuries later after I am to the bone.

Do you drive fast?

:))))))))))))))))) Now that's a shocker of a question…… No comments on that question….. You all know the answer…..

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

If the couch’s cushion is considered an animal….

Storms - Cool or Scary?

Seriously I’ve never understood this question when I read this tag several times before. Storms are always cool.

Do you eat the stems on broccoli?

Again, is there a double entendre in this question? Yes I do eat Stem on broccoli…

If you could dye your hair any colour, what would be your choice?

Something that could camouflage my nearly bald PhD degree head with lots of dense hair :D

Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:

Tuticorin, Chennai, Guntur, Hyderabad, Lexington, and finally the Interstates in the States :D

Favourite sports to watch:

Now a days with seriousness ruining my life, I prefer watching the highlights of almost any game instead of the whole sport. At least gives me time to watch all the games I like rather than just focusing on one or two.

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:

Has extraordinary quality to get up at 4 in the morning when I ring him up for his wake up call. Other than this, I’ve known him for nearly 7 years now, So I know that he isn’t nicer…… :P

What’s under your bed?

A hot blonde and a sexy brunette. I sleep on the floor, so it becomes the roof for them. :D

Would you like to be born as yourself again?

Hmmmm…. If I don’t achieve anything good, then I would like to have a second chance. Other wise I would prefer someone who can achieve more in my second life.

Morning person or night owl?

A night person and also a morning owl…. Basically my biological clock is mind controlled. I can switch extremely well between the two states.

Over easy or sunny side up?

Depends on the mood.

Favourite place to relax:

Anywhere, anytime. It just needs a thought. The world is a funny place. It’s always got something good to relax upon.

Favourite pie:

Anything that’s offered with the special secret ingredient – love. (Chocolates apart :D)

Favourite ice cream flavour:

Too many questions. OK… Last question. So I’ll say Strawberry Cheese Cake (recently)

You pass this tag to – None particular. But you are most welcome to carry on the tradition of tagging….

Of all the people you tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first?

Not Applicable :D (Oh Damn! Now really, I’ve got to run home for my cooking turn)

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Romantic Scratching

Does butt scratching come under the category of being called ssssssmokinnnnnnn hot? :o

"Grossssssss....." is what most of your minds might be saying (if you think it's fine, then please refrain from being even walking close to me or my friends). Anyways coming to the real deal for the title, it's just a random event which I felt interesting (just cleared a payload of work and so this seems to be interesting for the dead nerve cells) to post on.

Sundays dinner went fine with friends, and after requesting the waitress for the forgotten fortune cookie, my Chinese dough sweetener read "There's a good chance of a romantic encounter soon" Then, all I did was keep the fortune in my wallet (as usual), but now after 36 hours, my sight lays only on the words 'Chance' and 'Soon'. In my case, the fortune should have read, "There's an unlikely event of a romantic encounter of one in a zillion probability within your next lifetime". From the time I broke the cookie open, I had nearly zero opportunity to even see my roommates. But somehow I still have this feeling equivalent of a beacon of torch light signaling at the vast expanse of the sky hoping to get a reply back. So if any girl is interested, I can arrange something special for definite.

Now, here is something grossly interesting - With irresponsibility doing its part in making me forget my iPod case at a friends place about 5 hours from here, I am left with no other option but to keep the player in my jean pocket. With both my hip-thigh zone pockets filled with an armory of important stuff, I had no other option but to keep the player in my back pocket. Now, it is time for you all to imagine things from now on.

You walk losing yourself in the melody of your favorite track. The music slowly fades away in the wind at the end and all of a sudden the next track turns out to be a blaring one. You are too lazy to actually take the iPod of the pocket and reduce the volume. Now, you have two options - go to the ENT for a deaf ear or place your hand over your back pocket and make a circular motion to reduce the volume.

For a girl who is walking behind you at a certain distance, this would definitely look like, you're either touching yourself, or you have 'arippu' 'khujli' on your butt. Lucky for me, I had a sarcastic junior walking behind me, who laughed at the action and gave some gyaan on that. If it had been a girl, I would have taken the ENT option for sure.

In the normal life:

Had one of the best meetings yesterday night (9 pm) with my colleague and advisor, and it was very special. It was one of those moments, when you really feel the verve of 'I am doing the right thing by going for PhD' The day was special enough that I did a replay of reading 75% of the ever 'volatile' Morrison & Boyd organic chemistry tome in 7 hours (non stop).

Cary Brothers' Ride (DJ mixed by Tiesto) has been the pep beat in the deserted lab for the whole day. Blue Eyes by the same band is respectably awesome. Blue Eyes is the song that's been butt scratched whenever I walk between labs.

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FBI regulations on Cooking

It's been long that I posted something. The following is a part of my friends blog and felt it funny enough to be shared. The post is his first on cooking. Instead of giving the culinary details I am just posting the funny disclaimers. Laugh good and have a great day.

Title: Cook at your own risk

Less time, More Quantity

WARNING: These recipes are generally meant for grad students to conserve time...Working and Family people are advised not to try these...

FEDERAL LAW provides severe civil and criminal penalties against unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted recipes. Copyright Infringement is investigated by the FBI and may constitute a felony with a maximum penalty of up to sponsoring 7 dinners by the suspect and/or $100 worth grocery.

COPYRIGHT: The recipes provided are tested with extreme caution and have turned out to be really tasteful. They have been tried on various victims and no serious injury/side effects have been reported till now. The Owners of the recipes have given their consent to post it in this blog.
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No proxy 4 my absence.....

Note: This post is extremely and exaggeratedly long. It is just a series of stressful events I encountered over the past seven days. So please take your time to click that back button of yours on the top left of your browser and skip this post for the day. But if you insist in going through it coz you are experiencing boredom, it’s all yours to rue about at the end. But a sincere warning, that you would profit literally zero out of this post. ;)

It’s finally time to pen down a ‘hell’ lot after a spiteful week of freaking out. Time was never a constraint last week, but somehow, I was in a state of murderous mood, that I decided to stick to self, instead of posting posts on my rants.

So here are glimpses of what psychotic things I did last week….

“Bhaaaam!” and I just fell from the couch with a Thud on the floor. Holding my back in pain throwing invectives at the construction noise, I realized that my alarm clock froze coz of a dead battery, and that I was late for my individual meeting. The next thing I did triggered a series of events for the entire week. A sudden brim of anger erupted in my mind, and I took the battery off the clock, opened the door and threw the battery at an almost 90mph speed at the parking lot situated about 50 meters from my apartment. It missed the cars by a wormy margin, and I came back to my senses. This is when I decided, that I better stay off contact for the week with friends and family. Good thing that I did not throw the clock instead of the battery.

There wasn’t any meeting since my advisor had to do some work, and so called mom and don’t know what she said, I got really messed up, and hung the phone without prior notice. Instead of calling her back, I just carried the frustration into my experiment, and dropped a sample into the gutter while cleaning. Instead of throwing the nearby beaker, at the window, I just walked off the lab for a walk. A few other mishaps, frustrations, etc led me into a complete state of rage and decided to take a day off. With the week turning out to be finals week, I had no option for a partner to watch a movie. But this inner rage made me go for ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ and still I was pretty upset over something – something I was not sure off.

Tuesday wasn’t any better. 4 hours of sleep to compensate Monday’s loss of work, and I did a few analyses which gave me the most bizarre results. For the first time, instead of toiling my brains out for a plausible explanation, I dealt with extreme stress by jogging every now and then between the lab and the analysis room. To be truthful, I would have jogged about 2 miles the whole day. The cricket practice was cancelled coz of the finals week, and decided to take a mental break. Somehow pulled a good friend for coffee, and though ended up cracking non stop tummy hurting jokes, the stress level didn’t alleviate. A walk to the library just ended up in disaster. On the way, I saw this glass piece of a broken old window on the road. A sudden alluvion of anger seeped in, and I gave this huge kick to the glass, that the chards just flew in all directions. Saw this really old couple having tea nearby in the Irish Pub, and I felt ashamed on my act as I watched their eyes cringing about my state of mind. Walked all the way back home (cut short on my lab), and then while removing my shoes, noticed that one of the chards actually had cut (skin deep) my ankle.

Watched, ‘The Diving Bell, and the Butterfly’ just to soothe myself. Somehow ended up going low even after the inspirational movie, and went on this drive to this unexplored rally type road. Somehow I ended up parking the car in a nearby farm, and star gazed for at least half an hour. For the first time, star gazing ended up ruining my entire attitude. Somehow a strange feeling struck in, and I weakened to the fact that, I can never achieve certain dreams I am chasing in my life. This, for a guy who solely believes on hope and work, was a shocker and broke my confidence of survival into pieces. Tuesday wasn’t wacky, it was scrougy.

Somehow Wednesday – my usual most worked day of any week turned out to be productive in lab. With the volcano going dormant, things went fine. Until I watched an emotionally depressing stupid movie along with the new roomies. The entire public’s mood was at the floor after the movie, and I was desperately waiting for the guys to sleep so that I can hit the road for a drive. Somehow, the new roomies (still old friends) knew that I would be going off for a drive, resisted to go to bed. An hour and a half later, I silently walked off the room and went on for a ride. The last night’s sequel just continued, and I finally gave up hope, and called my dad for the first time in years, seeking help (I dialed thrice to his personal cell over the week, but hung it after the first ring, not sure of how he would react). I clearly told him, not to inform mom that I was stressed out (coz you all know about moms – somehow they can understand what’s bothering you and your dead after listening to her apt advices). I was entirely lost to a level that I pestered dad to tell me about his pre marriage days (and of course before he fell in love with mom), issues and how he coped with the strange way life changes all. I dozed off with dad still talking to me and the next day I learnt that dad hung the phone at least 5 minutes after I Zzzed off.

A sudden confidence of a prospective day seemed to appear in my dream, and at the pinnacle of hope, I was cut short by my new roomies alarm. Deciding to finish off all analyses (4 at the same time) in terms of gaining some free time for the weekend, I just gave myself to research the entire first half of the day. From no where, I got this call from the same good friend with whom I went for coffee, and she asked a favor of dropping her scholarship forms at a particular location. Instead of jogging the three mile stretch, I was stupid enough to take the car, and was caught in traffic. There never had been an instance, in my life that I complain on traffic coz I consider it as an inevitable unfortunate random event. But today I was restless. There were some blokes who were really pushing me to the limit of walking down the road and pummeling them for honking at the traffic.

Finally, there was cricket practice, the one simple thing in life, where I show all my frustration on the bowlers while batting. But only a handful came for today’s practice and had to switch to fielding practice. I was extremely agitated at this period, that instead of showing my anger at the guys, I decided to circle them out, and give them catch practices. I asked them to throw the balls as hard as they can, to me (in the name of I getting slip catch practice), and really pushed my swollen and blackened fingers to the level of numbness. With self inflicted pain, really taking control over my anger, I decided to meet this ‘long time no see’ (from my side) group of friends in a simple get to gather. There, I was dealt with reasoning out my absence from the group for the art of living courses. But soon the topic diverged, and I was criticized for not living a life for myself. Strangely, I diverted the topic by blaming on a good friend for a past untimely event. But it backfired in terms of conscience, and I realized that I wasn’t really me after all today. I backed out from further discussion and again hit the road to a deserted local highway. Unfortunately dad messed up, by blurting out to mom about my confused state of mind and the rest is war.

Friday, was the only hope for the big weekend. Strange results, a mistake of coming online and getting invectives for isolating me for the week from a dozen friends, and a few mishaps shook my level of confidence for the day. The craziest thing I would have ever done happened today. After the group meeting, I decided to leave Lexington and drive to Florida. I was a little scared that, the weekends going to be hell with at least a hundred known people doing their graduation walk. And there is no way I can escape their clutches. The plan was made, driving print outs taken, red roof in motels booked for the two nights and everything was perfected. For the first time, in the entire week I felt elevated. I wasn’t worried about my crazy state of mind.

The plan was to come home, pick up my keys, a few T shirts and a pant, and other things and hit the road to Miami. The first thing I noticed as soon as I entered my apartment parking was that my car had a flat wheel. Instant volcano eruption, and immediately I changed to spare wheel, took the flat one to a nearby auto store and took care of the issue. Before I could still run off with the plan, I got a call from my ex roomie that he and his parents along with my close pal are on the way to Lexington. With no other option but to live life in Lexington, I some how dragged my lazy roomie to the library (which was closed by then) and so walked to meet my nephew (who was as energetic as his old uncle, but somehow made me go pity on his growth. I went down to my knees as I realized that he doesn’t have much outside family other than the sole loser – me). I stretched my roomie to watch ‘Ironman’ (for which I had to park a few blocks away in the mall). Sitting with a bunch of teens on both sides, we went crazy. Even after the movie got over, we ran to the parking lot, did childish actions of aping the superhero and laughed the cold out.

Friday night, time spent with Uncle and Aunty (my room was looking like a dumpster with the week turning out to be low), then going and meeting a couple of other friends (that turns out to be 8 already), and running back home to take my guests for bowling (and meeting 7 other people). Instead of a serious game, I monkeyed around to get frivolous scores. Both my ex roomies knew that something was wrong with me. But they didn’t know what was bothering me and why I was all closed out.

Eight hours later, I was all prepared to go underground. The one way to do it was to accompany uncle and aunty to the temple and that was delta level one mistake. A few hours later, I pushed the cricket team to a level of tiredness, that they were throwing faces at my stern training for the weekend. Five hours of exasperated work out, I attended this get to gather party, in which I was trying to mingle out, but got calls from all around the corner of the city and to leave out soon. The rest of the day was all a game of hide and seek (I lost heavily) before I accompanied a mentally worked out soul for a drive. This time, we hit the spookiest of the roads and it was definitely looking like a road to the Hostel. Even I ended up having goose bumps when the radio went dead all of a sudden.

Sunday – another eight hours sleep, a few hours lost in transition, in lab (found out that I profited heavily from yesterdays derby whose results I noticed now), in the fountain of answers, and there it was, a few more 50 of old friends on the look out for me and I was dead by the time the graduation walk got over. I felt, that graduation walk was boring, and that I might even think thrice or more to do the walk ‘IF’ I ever graduate. A few more run around the city to make some old friends smile with my presence, I finally landed up exhausted at home. That’s when I realized, that I made a deal of attending the art of living get to gather.

Luckily, the whole weeks mess just turned to rot as I witnessed something worthwhile in my life. Frankly saying, the teacher with whom I had the unpleasant course, wasn’t experienced enough to be a guru (at least from my point of view). I learnt nothing new (other than the Kriya which brought lost bad memories) from her teachings. Today, there was energy in the room (from most of my potter fanclub friends), but I noticed that, the teacher was using every statement of what they say and framed a story just to keep herself on the Gyaanful guru post. I was not laughing for either of their jokes on the outside, but I was laughing hilariously by the way she faked a smile (genuine smiles always curve and not flatten out) and her stories and the way the most mature of my friends believed her. After her departure, I told the host that, I learnt one great lesson today. “You (sole guru) give advice to people with excellent analogies at a young age, people think you are crazy. But if you join this club of old people with beards, and say that you’ve been their disciple for years and give a crappy advice with a much worse analogy, people take it as gyaan and wah wah their teachings” I told the guest clearly that I am not interested in the course, if I get teachers like this. I firmly believe that I haven’t stretched my physical life beyond the danger boundary. Every person has the ability to sleep only 4 hrs a day, work non stop for hours, run around the world taking care of things, etc. It’s a situational based concept, and only self analysis and evaluation would lead to the realization. One can calm his stress, emotions, etc if he/she thinks it can be done. As I accidentally put words in my gtalk message “Adrenaline is the word used to beat the philosophical concept of will power” It has always been the mind.

Somehow this strange encounter with this teacher, gave me light that in fact am not as bad as I think. I was good enough to isolate myself from others knowing how dangerous my mind was over this weeks unknown stressful life. Midway through the ranting of this post, I got a call from my cousin sister, and she insisted that I and my brothers family (nephew mostly) come for a family reunion. Now that’s relieving. With that weekend lost in reunion, and a few other weekends planned for some good cause, I guess Florida has to wait another month for my arrival. Till then, the print outs shall remain in my backpack and if by chance I go silent, understand that am drinking cola off a coconut shell basking myself on the beaches of Miami ogling at bikini babes :D……………..

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