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Life a Mystery or Magic?

Life a Mystery or a Magic?

'Experience' a simple word with various classification. After surviving the wonderful compleities and subleties of life I am confident to say that experience has no connection with age. Being in a country filled with opportunity I've learnt that experience is not about education, nor stature, nor age. Its about attitude and taking chances. There always happen to be two ways a decisiion can be made and its not good or the bad way. But its the best way or the better way. Its never the worst case scenario. Now u may be wondering whats the link between the title of this blog and what I am trying to express....... Is life a mystery? Amateur ppl or those under protection say sort of yes. Is life a magic? Most optimists and good hearted take life in the positve sense and say yes. But which is true?
I agree with neither. As per me the bravest ppl I've met including my common side say that life is all about experience. What you think as mystery is what you have missed to recognize from someone elses situation. If you say magic that means that you havent understood your life to its potential.
Seven years ago, my life was only about studies, teenhood (you can guess what it was about), cartoons and school friends. Six years ago it was all about getting into a good college. Five years earlier it was about friends and fun in college. Two, it was looking out for a job. An year ago, life was all about choosing my future.
What I am now is not only because of these major ambitions I had in the past 7 years. An ant can carry 10 times its weight. Just like that cerain small incidents have changed my life and had made me a man now. Consider these cases. Most of us roamed during our teenhood behind a girl or a boy (I have no clue about girls roaming around guys). Is that the beginning of the quality 'determination' needed for life? As per me my desire to come up in life had its spark from roaming around a girl.
Those two months before the final school years are like the marking steps in most peoples lives. It was defenitely one for me. The amount of expectation from friends, family and others is overwhelming for most Indian students. you can't see such a feverent period of teenhood in any other country.
College was the shining period of my life. Freinds of extrordinary caliber and talent (in a particular field) come under one tree of life called education. Diveristy in language, knowledge, religion, thought and attitude come during this collation and it mends ones mind about the future environment he's gonna be under.
Those days of one day batting styled studies for a job interview or for the GRE or CAT exams with good freinds (who are not jealous) is the critical stage in most dynamic young minds lives. I am glad to have such days in my life.
The job we are pursuing now is like putting the Mona lisa in a frame. If the frame is not to the level of the potrait, the potrait is fit enough to go to the garbage. What we are doing now is what we had acquired from years of experience.
Small things like the NCC camp, standing in long queues for movie tickets, chasing a girl in kinetic honda, arguing over whether ganguly is a great cricketer or not with friends who don't even know cricket, doing faces behind proffs, lashing ones loose toungue to the guy who came in the wrong way and crashed at ur TVS 50 and much more are incidents which had made life a better thing to cherish.
I am pretty sure that there is atleast one thing in each and everyones heart which was never shared with their family or best freinds because you have the confidence to tackle the issue so that you can be proud of yourself. Such things are what makes a man a MAN.
My 8 months of life in the US has brought me more misery than what I had in my previous 21 years of my life. It was not about new environment, food, freinds, country, language or adjsutment. It was beyond that. Things of undescribable misery have been in it. They might have disturbed my sleep, my health, my mental stature but has never disturbed my studies (for what I came for). Being away from parents in such awful situations might have made some other coward to do suicide. But my life has taught me not to worry.
I had chances. No man is perfect and I am one of them. Some of my decissions were regretful after the unexpected outcomes. But they are still not problems for me but responsibilities for me. My future might be a mystery for me. My past is a beautiful magic that has transformed me into that person who can now bear with any misery. But it is experience not to survive but to succeed which has made me a great believer in myself in the PRESENT.
Those who are out there, if you consider that you have problems. then you are wrong. Everyone have problems. But its those who are brave and clear of the situation succeed truly in life. As for the rest go sit in the trash so that the gargage man can pick you up and recycle you to some good commodity atleast.
Jai Hind!
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, March 25, 2006


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