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The return of Chota Bheem from India

Age: 2 yrs and a few days.
Weight: 68 lbs (3 months back was 47 lbs - Is cholesterol the major content of my mum's/his grandmum's love?)
Name: No longer goes with "Jay". Responds to only "Babu Jayanth" (Thanks to G2 (gradnpa 2 - dad's elder bro)! Only he can induce such localization).
Favorite food: Anything that has chocolate in it (Asked for chocolate syrup over chocolate cake for the few minutes he spent time with me)
Hobby: Asking repetitive questions (Ex: Daddy, what are you doing? - like 10 times. Uncle Haarii, what is that?, etc)
Often used Punch dialogue: Chota Bheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem will save you (and then goes pow pow pow on everyone except me... :D - Thanks to Pogo channel back in India - he knows mahabarath more than me.)
Biggest achievement in life so far: Voluntarily tonsured in Krishna's house (Tirupathi for him) and has been more than happy being that way.
Favorite music instrument: His dad's tonsured head. I hope that knocks some sense into his brain... :P

Image when he was in India with me

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posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, September 25, 2009


i missed meeting the kid when he was over. :x -

But now he looks a LOT like how his uncle used to look like

He has lovely hair i remember from his earlier photos - you should let it grow back on

11:57 AM  

Bigger image added at the bottom Abhikoo.. CLick it to view the larger version. PS - I was much thinner than this even in UG days. :D

6:58 PM  

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