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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Take Home Exam
I was wondering about this new concept called as Take Home Test. I've had suprise quizzes, I've had exams on odd times, infact even examination of my body, but never had one of this strange kind. Being a studious guy when it comes to academics, its been tough on me right from my childhood. I am in that category where a person, who has this strange ability to study the day before the exam, even if its history (Ggggggaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I hate boasting myself) does great in his exams.I've been through various kinds of tests. Let me remeber those golden days. Mom made me study everyday when I was a kid. I guess thats the time when I really started craving for knowledge. As time moved, mom started to believe in my individual skills and she started to take care of her health once she had this arthritis in her. The motivation of studies during that time was my moms faith on me. Before that period she always encouraged me to study limited. But I never left even a single page in the book. I liked it that way. I had this one fear in me. What if they ask about that page in the book and I subsequently I read it. She had never asked me to go for cheating.It was my 7th grade when mom was really very ill. I was studying hard, yet I wasnt satisfied in my efforts. Mom understood this and she called me to her. She gave me an advice. She asked me to cheat if chance permits. I was suprised with this from my mom. But now I realize why she said that to me. I was infact interested in cheating at that age. Yet my good side prohibited me to do so. Eventually I would have succumbed to it. But she knew what i was upto and gave me a suggestion so that I shall be still in my limits.The best thing about that incident is that, even now I dont like leaving a page in the book (still study at the last moment). Days passed and also the style of cheating and studying.Started to share info with friends so that I shall have a time when I need an answer. It came some day (dont remember that disgusting day) . It became a part of exam life. Then saw people exchanging papers and then paper passing. I had helped lots of my friends who had my paper but never have asked someone elses paper.This continued till my college life.Then came college life. I had this strange memory inside me. I can remember exactly what happened in my daily routine life (even conversations and things kept at forgettable places) But on the other hand I cannot remember formulae. I can give you an example. I am currently doing my PhD in Chemical Engineering and even now when I'm Typing I dont remember Henry's law. So what I used to do in college is write all the formulae which I forget in my palm. I used to see the formulae during the exam. I used to never open my palm so that none can see it.Slowly the trick started to spread in the class and am ashamed (consiously) that the practise is now seen in my juniors. Then during my final year I started to write the formulae in ED boards. I used to pick the boards which are new and used to fill it up with all the details I need. Even it was noticed by one of the faculty (was a TA) and he dint even care about it.Got my degree and came to the US.My concepts on the subject of my interest has increased exponentially. But still I have this memory trouble. I felt happy to take exams here in the US as they dont test our memory skills.And everything went fine so far.Then came today. We had this take home test on pharmacy. Man I have no clue why we are paid more than these pharmacy guys. Horrible subject but still a vital subject to save lives.I was happy that the proff gave us a take home test since I had literally zero idea about the subject. We got the questions from the proff today at 4 pm. I was working on the first 2 problems and was solving them like some 3rd grade mathematics. I was incredibly pleased with myself and was praising myself for my increased knowledge in the solving side of my course. Then I made this plan of finishing the remaining questions in 2 hrs. When I finished my 3rd question which was a theoretical concept I was metally tired. It took me 2 hrs to answer a theoretical question.I was thinking........ Back in India, during my under grad I wrote stories about the subject in my exams. But now I have no clue on how to write on something theoretical (obviously this blogg says it all). Then finished the rest of the 2 questions and realized that it took me 7 hrs to write 3 theoretical concepts and only 1 hr to do problems. Thinking about this I was making plans about my future. If I became a faculty as I wish I would go into problems rather than theories. But will it help the students if they have only problems and no theory?Only time can tell the answer. I am (*&^^%*&(*& sleepy and am just mumbling something in this blogg. If I had bored u I am sorry............. Good night (nice way to finish the big story)Time 1:58 am (night)Go sleepy hollow
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, March 25, 2006


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