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Two Weeks Notice

Its been quiet a while that I visited this or my friends blog. The last two weeks have promoted in me, emotions of all kinds. Guilt has successfully broiled in my heart over this time. In two weeks I have been lured to my old life. It's as if I have time travelled to get my past characteristics to ponder myself in the current world. I had been just watching the Soccer world cup. I wake up at 8 am. Get ready and reach my lab at 9 30. Check my mail till 10 am. Then run to Cats Den (Student Centre) to watch the morning game. Play ping pong during the half time report. Return to the lab at 12 10, Check mail and do a cranky experiment till 1 30. Then go out for my lunch, read a novel till 2 30. Go again to Cats Den for the evening game. Watch till 5 pm. Come back to the lab not to do an experitment but to take my backpack or to mail someone. Then go home and the rest is just trivial...
Over these two weeks my guide has gone to the level of pleading us (I am not the only procastinator) so that we would do some work atleast by the end of this month. This pleading has engraved a deep sense of guilt in me. Now I am trying to make it up by working at evenings.
Had lots of issued with a roommate whos gonna depart soon. Though 40% of the problem was caused by me, my childhood learnings and the way I was brought up makes me feel guitly as if I am the lone stranger who has started the turmoil.
Had issued with some traitors, some political minded pimps. But the most gruelsome time in this week was the moment I spoke with my mom this weekend. It was one of those instants in which my talents are way past the normal selection criteria, yet bad luck was in my way and to make things worse my mom commented saying that I had no talent in the field I was talking about. That really hurts.
I had been a silent and obedient for the past 3 months. I've decided to go big guns from now on, anything on my way. Its gonna be too different. Yesterday I changed my deals and even demanded my rights and got promoted. Things worked out good. I know the current situation and am goin to play clever and wise from now on. No more waiting on ques. Expecting the days to come brighter in my side. No more hiding in the dark, no more expectations, no more commitments. Just plain old fun stuff. My policy for the summer - Switch, Sway and Shine.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, June 28, 2006


hmm hari. What happened ? Ive never seen u so serious in our time together.

Frankly buddy (on a lighter note) the material you have seems good enough to write a novel in the lines of 'catcher in the rye' or 'vernon god little'. YOu only have to maintain the same writing style throughout.

10:27 PM  

Dude, thanks for the compliment... Shall try to make my style better. U r my title selector...

11:14 PM  

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10:07 AM  

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

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