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My lucky pen

Was it my sudden failure to be a kanjoos or was it big B which made me buy not one but two beta parkers before I departed to the states is still unanswered. But Whatever instigated me to buy the pens is not my concern. I had been using refills since the day I knew what refills were and how they differ from the its counter parts - The Fountains. There has never been an occasion in which I had entirely emptied a refill. I either lose it by that time or throw it away coz I dont like them.
Things do change in life. My first beta parker I had was a silver top one. It had been with me like my alter ego. I started using it the day I left to the US (to be precise on August 8th 05). It got emptied (first time in my life) on May 5th 06. During this 8 month span I had battered it to the fullest extent. In 3 months it lost its silvery color on the top. Its pocket holder pin became loose coz of my continuous pulling of it when I was thinking. Most of my americans identified my pen instantly coz it was the dirtiest looking in the whole department. There was even an occassion in which Morgan asked me to lend this pen and my answer was NO. Let me give u some other pen. Ran to the office (3 floors high) and got one from Penny (office assisstant) and gave it to Morgan. He gave a smirk...
The best part of it is that I had lost it atleast 5 times in the 8 months. Once while studying for the math exam I had dropped it on the floor. All my freinds searched it for nearly 30 mins and dint find it. I was really upset. I said that I shall give $5 for anyone finding it. After 2 days Kirthi gave it me saying that it was in her bag. Whether I gave the money or not is another issue. The last time I lost it was when I was playing soccer in Cooperstown. In that garguantun (loved this word) field there was no hope of finding it. Searched while playing itself for nearly 2 hours. But I never succeeded in finding it. In fact Morgan was pleased in seeing it disappear into thin air. Bless my eye sight after the game when everyone started to leave, it was right there where I am not supposed to search, near the goal post shining in that dusk light.
I was curious my whole 2nd sem and the end of the 1st sem that 'How long will this pen write?' I've been using it for 8 months. Can u believe it 8 months of course work and it dint get dried. I dont know whether u call it coincidence or its intimate contact with me it got over on the last day of my spring semester that too at the end of my Transport exam. I had finished the exam and was going to submit it. I noticed that I havent written my name. I opened my pen cap, took it in my hand as usual. The letters I wrote were 'Hariharasudha', n wasnt visible coz there was no ink. It was instantaneous. It had fetched me new ideas, best grades in my lifetime, great qulities of determination and much more. The way I am going to respect the pen which loved me is by keeping it as my most renowned possession. I had kept it safe in my case. I have seen, heard and read storied in which great people have heartly possessions, for me this pen is the first in my list.
Currently am using the gold top second pen which I bought. I am also making a note of its weight every week to analyse how long it will take to empty it and whats the original weight of ink in the refill. U may call me as a fool, a cracked researcher, or a sentimental idiot, but as per me That Pen Has Been My Best Friend For These Hard Eight Months Of My Life. I wanted to post an image of that pen, but did nt want to do so coz in the future that pen will cost millions when I am famous.
Hoping that the second pen shall do me equal good as the old one. I reverre my first Pen.. I have heard of Penpal, but a pen being the pal it starts from me.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, May 13, 2006


Holy Shit! How can one write such a long one on a pen ? But Dude, youre the best.

This is the first post on your blog where i went more than 2 paragraphs :))

12:59 PM  

hey hari,

u wrote that wonderful story about a pen without a pen.



shriram lokare.

11:26 PM  

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