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How bad can driving be?

May 2nd 06. I had planned to take my road test so that I can get my driving license. My plan was to take the license and go to Indiana for my cousins graduation walk. The day was not usual. Had my exams before and after that day. I had to get up early in the morning. It was pouring heavily and had to call up the kentucky county office to confirm if theres gonna be a road test in this weather. They doubted it and asked me to call after half an hour. Got the approval to go for it from them. Went to Abhay's room so that he can accompany me to the county clerk office. We went to Vivians house and got her keys (car). The one thing she stressed "If anything happens to my car, call me and say it immediately"
Took her car, and went for practice before the road test. Was sailing around downtown. Abhay was happy seeing my driving. It was around 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment and so we decided to go for parralell parking practice. We went into this street where there were 3 cars to my right. Two were together (An SUV and an old jeep) and one standing alone (Wolskvagon, forgot the spelling, in short it was a bug). I was going towards the SUV so that I can do parallel parking practice behind it. Mid way I noticed in my rear view mirror a toyota accord waiting. So I gave way to them by moving behind the SUV. The car drove past me. I shifted to the rear gear and moved back. Then shifted to forward gear and drove in front of the SUV so that I can do my practice. Abhay said that the instructor would ask u to also move back smoothly. So he asked me to do parrallel parking behind the bug about 25 feet away from me.
So I shifted to rear gear and went smooth. Went near the bug, and suddenly noted a red car in my rear view mirror. It was standing in the stop signed intersection. So decided to go forward and park so that they can move. I shifted the gear and moved, but Abhay said that no problem u finish what u were tryin to do. So shifted to rear and went smoothly. Then coz of the impatience I had, I brushed the bug for a second or two. Thats it. First things from my mouth "F*&@k, What the hell was I doing" I got down stood near the bug, Abhay parked the car and came to me and we kept a note on the bug, giving my contact details. We checked the damage and found out that "The bug hardly had a scratch (not even 2 cms). Whereas Vivian's car had some paint removed and it was surely gonna b noted by her. After 10 mins of confidence boost up finally decided to go for the test.
Parked the car and went in. I entered the room where the instructor was. He called me and asked me may i help u. I said " I am here for my scheduled road test"
Instructor: " ur permit plz"
me: here sir
Instructor: what is this?
me: the permit....
Instructor: y r u havin this?
me: coz this was what that was given to me on my written test day
Instructor: this is not the permit
me: ????
Instructor: this is the result of ur passing after ur written test.
me: ????
Instructor: u r supposed to give this to the lady sittin in the next room. she shall then take ur photo and give ur permit....
me: then y dint u inform me this earlier on the day of my written test?
Instructor: we thought u knew it...
me: plz inform this to other international students from now on
Instructor: sure...
me: no more dialogues... the face said it all....

then went took my permit and went to vivians house. gave her a call on the way and said her abt the accident. she was defenitely pissed off. she was in her lab. had to keep her car in her house and then went to univ and gave her keys at her lab.... she was fine by the time i reached her....

the rest of the day wasnt that great either...
the one thing which went positive on that day was that everyone loved this episode of mine and that everyone had a very good boisterous laugh... one kid even asked me to drop him. i said u can come in bicycle.. they laughed more.....
Everyone has a bad day...

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