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Mind over Maturity

There is a certain maturity of confusion open to the living stage that is keeping me from celebrating the little fun parts in life. A state of sleeplessness is caused by the exhaustively under productive mind that speaks volumes of designing a schedule out of sheer panic at a stage of 'taking the next step', creates alternatives in the case of a failure, and above all conjures and amalgamates the darkest and deepest fears of personal life with an unseen future. But, what makes this state of confusion "mature" (as I've termed in the beginning), is the heart that tries to console the mind in letting to sleep by stating, "You've been in such life changing steps before, climbed 'em with some effort, and have had a better perspective of the higher floor".

This is all new to me. These are all volcanic to me. And these are all becoming the muzzle for me. (Credit is given to this song for making me relaxed enough to compose the post during one of the sleepless at Lexington nights)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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