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Chicken Questions!!

I was browsing sometime yesterday and found an article related to Kentucky chicken. After reading the article I continued with my lab work. I was feeling bored with my experiment which dealt much with standing around the lab and preparing reagents for my subsequent experiment. So I decided to think something funny.
I was thinking about the chicken. I had various questions in my mind.

1. Obvious first question was "Why did the chicken cross the road?" As per me it crossed the road so that it can prove to the world that it can cross the road on its own (and won)
2. The other common question is "Did the egg come first or is it the chicken which came first?"

I decided to think something really stupid to kill time
3. Are chickens pre cooked medium if they were breeded in a tropical country?
4. Do chickens just like humans ( we have chicken 65, fry, etc) have varieties called worm 65, worm fry and ofcourse worm noodles?
5. Is a coward chicken also called as CHICKEN (with the chicken walk and sound, Funny isn't it?)?
6. Do chickens fight over the issue whether an egg is vegetarian or non vegetarian?
7. Is bird flu in chicken species as dangerous and feared as AIDS and Cancer in the human community?
8. If a chicken is zapped by lightning do they die or do they become Fried chicken?
9. What will happen to Mc. Donalds and KFC if all the chicken in the world go for justice fasting?
10. Is there female domination in the chicken world as there arent much roosters/cocks in the world?
11. Would chickens be the most populated bird in the world if they were not tasty to eat?
12. Do chickens like their food extra hot and spicy which makes their meat spicy and great?
13. Do chickens envy Turkeys during thanksgiving dinner?
14. If we call beautiful girls as chicks do chickens call good looking chickens as babes in chicken language?
15. Was the disney movie Human Little a block buster in the chicken world (analogy to chicken little)?
16. Is Chicken Run a true incident which was turned into a movie?
17. Can chickens lay golden eggs like the bird in the fable "Jack and the Beans stalk"?
18. Do they prefer death to flight coz the longest recorded chicken flight was 15 metres?
19. Do they suffer from Human pox?
20. Finally Which variety of chicken should I have for dinner tonight?

What shall happen to me and the world if there is no chicken to eat? That would defenitely be the end of many chicken lovers. So keep eating and live happy.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, March 25, 2006


Thats a lot of,um,chicken shit


Gud to see that youve figured out how to do multiple post

10:26 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:36 PM  

"I like putting my leg in anything I see worth." -i agree with that statement of urs.

am wondering what was the final product out of those chemicals (u were preparing for ur next experiment) that day when u gave so much courtesy and time to chicken world. i wont be surprised if product resembled/tasted like a chicken broth.

shriram lokare.

11:38 PM  

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