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I dont know whether it was starters luck or if it was sheer will to achieve under pressure made me score three magnificent goals during my first ever attacking position in a soccer game. I had played soccer right from my childhood. So whats so special about these goals. Simple. I said I played soccer from my childhood but never told you how good I played.
I wasn't born normal like other kids (nice start). I was 4.80 kgs. I was healthy more than enough and I was fat and chubby. It took me 22 years for me to lose my childhood cholestrol!! :-)
During these 22 years sports has been my passion. I had played soccer not because of fun and friends but because of its spirit. I was lucky enough to get chances of being the goalie my entire life. I had dived, rolled, jumped, why even ran to save certain good goals in my life. But after coming to the States, I made some friends from all continents. I have friends from Ghana, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Korea, Brasil, Sudan, Saudi and much more.
I had the honor of playing with these intercontinental players like a month ago. The best thing was I started as a defender and guess what, I defended like hell. There was this big Brasil guy whom I pushed and dieshevelled and did all kinds of strange stuff to protect my goal. I was appreciated by everyone in the team. Everything goes to my ability to understand concepts, strategies and ideas while playing Fifa 2006 in playstation. Thats how I learnt what true soccer is. Then like a week ago, I started again as the defender, but more likely as a Central Defensive player. I kept oscillating between midfield and defense all the time. I gave a cross so good in that game that we scored a goal at the crucial moment.
But today since there were less players, I had the opportunity to start as a right forward along with Reynolds (Ghanian and my lab senior) who was the left forward. As expected I was horrible in making a fake move and every time the defender read my mind. I would say I was like Peter Crouch in the England team. Then Reynolds engraved my mind with some eye opening tips that immediately I followed it and scored a solo goal. Then 2 minutes later he lofted the ball from his left to the left corner. I ran about 15 yards dived and nudged the ball into the goal with two defenders sliding past me. The opponents equalised soon. Then I was hell tired that I played midfield for some time and thats when I gave two pinpoint crosses to Reynolds who converted them to easy goals. After first half I was fine and again went to attacking position. My hat trick was an easy one as Kausthav did the solo work in central midfield assissted by Reynolds. He passed me the ball and I just tapped it in the sloppily guarder goal. The score read 9-9. (Hehehehe, sorry to break u this late. Come on guys think about it. Graduates played the game) We decided to go for golden goal rule. The opponents gave pressure on our defence. I ran from forward to right back, intercepted the cross, tapped the ball over the opponent forward, ran 40 yards and gave Reynolds a high volley which he took control and kicked mid air. Suprisingly the opponent goalie got a hand to it, gathered the ball and kicked it so long that the opponent forward socred a goal. We lost by figures but all won by hearts. Final score 9-10. Reynolds socred 6. I scored the remaining 3 in our team. Opponent striker scored 3, midfielder 2, owngoal 2, Right mid 1, left mid 1 and centre back 1. Who cares about the final score. It was just fun, real hope of survival, a game of exhaltation, a revival of my self. I did the unbelievable (Even I dint believe it). That what counts.
Got 4 more years to play this game and everyday is gonna be a new game. Lets see what happens.
Jai Hindh!!
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, July 02, 2006


Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

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Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

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