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5 min update

1. Burnt my tongue last Friday with a 'supposedly' mislabeled 12 level hot sauce (out of 10) and sobbed for half hr in the eyes of several strange lunch going people. Thank God! I had another guy accompanying with extra tears and sniffles.

2. Had my first recharging sleep in 2009, and ended up having difficulty in moving my atropied muscles.

3. Slept at night for 5 hrs and now am back to the lab deciding to work till lunch time. Screw you biological clock is what I'm saying.

4. Dreamed of e-mailing an article to John McCain and ended up meeting and discussing science with him. Weird..... (Weird, coz I didn't end up convincing him for a funding or generating an idea out of the discussion).

5. Had my first beautiful slip and fall in the snow and thanks to that my constant sitting stress on my back reduced. (Strange physics of biology I'd say)

6. Unlucky by chance that I need to wait another few weeks on a sensor which keeps me from achieving my research goals (and personal too guess). Thanks to my awesome timing, the shipment is lost in travel. How lame can bad luck be.. Sheesh....

7. Something interesting happened which triggered this post in the first case. Too bad my sleep ruined my memory neurons to discharge this soon. A mini Ghajini crisis I suppose. 'N'wayz time to get pre-occupied...
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, February 04, 2009


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