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If I'd have to say, "I am really sorry for this long hiatus in posting and I hope that all my readers would consider my apology in path of the fact that I was bitten by the writers block bug or was in the process of committing myself to India", then consider that I am lying. Thinking about the recent past, I'm interestingly surprised by the clarity with which certain small details and events **, however insignificant/unexpectedly strange they were, rush through the haze of the last 40 days. Yet, none of them bleakly attempt to top the list of 'satisfied happiness' to make 'em into the post.

Someone caring, once suggested that my temporary solution of ranting every little frustration, painted the rather annoying side of life. Though this never triggered the major break in blogging, somehow the planned eventful writing mushed into couch potato pacts for no reason. Today, finally I had the 'genuine smile', which is usually preceded by the lucid, glistening sparkle of fervent confidence that form the crux of my inevitable concomitant of satisfied happiness. The event which bloomed this smile by all terms is unexplicable (Yet I'll give it a shot).

The Box: Astrologically speaking I entered the third year of Elanata Shani (Check the 'in astrology' part). Technically speaking, I don't believe in astrology or the control of Gods in lives. Eventfully speaking, all past personal events (including mom's arthritis, bro's education and instability, dad's retirement troubles, and a few friends issues) go hand in hand with the prediction. Psychologically speaking, I was crucified between the personal beliefs on science and technology and the cultural beliefs of religion. But the fun part was the third vantage point where I had to bring in the egoistic arrogance of never-ever putting faith on God as such, so that I can 'Only' blame myself for my own mistakes. In the interim, my immediate goals of future befriended by the uncanonical change of the present, looked so nebulous, so amorphous that literally, I was in the verge of shitting my pants. What held me up is by itself a quest of misfortune.

Just like the way the first negative nanoseconds of Big Bang is to be defined, the series of neuronal triggers that set the englightenment of solving the puzzle of the above spoken box is unexplainable. All I remember is headbanging to this. The next few thoughtful seconds by far most is the most confident seconds my brain would have generated in my quarter century life. Now I am reeking with confidence inspite of carrying the past unformatted viruses of a rebooted system that makes myself a part of the solution rather than the question as such. Sunny or Shani, improvement is at the wink of an eye.

** The 'Ndiary Pages
  • The Uncle-Nephew-wingmen hungama in the flight :D
  • 30 days of witnessing the reel of 'How I was brought up?' and "It's Pampering time Unc"
  • Twin surgeries for what the doc worded 'What the F***?'
  • Unbelievable friendly chemistry with the anonymous Connecticut headphone entangler during the B'lore trip.
  • The wrath of B'lore hype rightly post converted into an adventure by getting down from the last return bus coz of the 1 in a zillion chances of sighting someone.
  • The 'over the top' ride till Vellore followed by the astounding Punjabi bassing drive (One more feather to my 'I've driven list' - A Tata Truck carrying 14 Maruti cars :D ) and el finis on a Chennai flower market tractor - all for a price of Rs. 38.50.
  • Moon walks with Jay at 1 am.
  • Pulled over by the Traffic officer who respected my educational and funny tit for tat efforts with a commendable advice rather than an under the table transaction. (Reason for rains in cities like Chennai).
  • The Paris corner parking accident with the Chennai Sethji girl, delicately escaped out by inspiring a fake personal paramedic response. Dude - spread the act to rescue more of our age groups. ;)
  • Nick's way of expressing love with a costume. Thank God, he didn't ask me for Jerry for his Tom'ish idea. :P
  • The pyaar for Jay and the acne gyaan for me from innumerable relatives (Clones generated for Jay by any means? Where did these guys come from?)
  • Mom's betrayal of character transcending into THE feud which still pangs deep.
  • Return day fight with bro coz he wanted to be the concerned son, which eventually drapped the curtain in sibling closeness.
  • Ramsey's marichipo concept on the serious side.
  • Mayhem of Masters moping out my mood.
  • The signs of unwanted lucid signs.
  • The sleight of hands in handing over responsibilities.
  • The smiles generated of running through the memory lane everyday.
  • The change in not achieving the much needed change.
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