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Twice a week ingenious creative jokes pass around the arc of one-hand-distance catch practicers. Today was something special. With 'Sri'tics initiated as an aping act by 'K2' Marshall, smiles dived around better and faster than the hard 'darling' hit white leathers. With Lambu's hands gleaming colors of cardinal pain, I was concerned of his injury. With darling's intentions clearly put forth as an attempt to better his best-given team, I had no interest in unzipping my lips. Then something happened.

"StOOOOppppp!" echoed from the mouths of my 'Senior turned Junior' through the empty field. Within a blink of the eye, everyone witnessed the swarming of bees looking more like the plague described in a bible (Okay, a bit exaggerating). Darling Tesa started running away from us and swung the bat as if he was blindfolded to hit the Pinocchio. Recently tooth broken and lip cut 'Huggy Bear' dropped dead as if he saw a real Bear slurping for his huggable fat, while 'Lambu pants' covered a dozen feet with (I'd estimate from his long legs as) two/three steps behind us and yelled, "Run for your life" in his Man U fan slang. Through the corner of my eyes as I viewed the majesty of the colonial synchronization, I noticed Ted Sriby metamorphosing into fetal position. I had a 'huh?' look.

As I finished saying, 'Just kneel and keep your head down' the bees bid good bye and flew to the other end of the field. Presuming the macho guys to be back on their feet, I viewed a 360. Among the tall grass, on my right quadrant was four guys also lying in fetal position. To my left quadrant was Huggy Bear kneeling agape at the marvel we fortunately witnessed, while Sriby looked as if he was dead. Darling as usual did his usual Chennai Super Kings style wave with the bat.

Once everyone realized that the migration ended, they all stared at the way I was standing tall (instead of kneeling as self-adviced). A few questions of various genres were shot at me for which, I answered only the scientific/biological part. I was eventually profiled with the psychological and personality questions I with held from answering. A synchronized K2 Marshall style chorus of "You are strange Maaaaaan!!!" burped out from the many present there.
The strange thing is NOT "What was so strange about what I did?" but "Why am I not questioning/answering my own strangeness?"

Flying away from the Bees:
I miss being a child! I hate my immediate elders treat me as their peer age group fellow. I miss the elderly senior advice, the pranks, the pep talks, etc. I wish there was an easy way to show them that I am immature big time and want to be treated just like others :(
I absolutely love this song. Now I know exactly what song to play once every 28 days as I bask in memories (Abhikoo - Hope u listened to it at least now.. ;) )
I recently found the answer for 'one of the' key questions that defines one's interesting life. And unexpectedly the answer did not make me happy. Got to live with it as long as it doesn't make me sad too. I still believe that I can find the answer from the other end too.
I moved the half ton blood sucking Mega TV to the trash with one another persons help. Fantabulastic!
Some good byes are extremely pleasant. Today I had one good one that had really uplifted my mood.
Although only three days of no roomie life existed, it was worth an adventurous shot.
By this weekend, I would have moved to my sixth house in 3.5 years. Can't wait to start life one more time.
Was lectured for half an hour by my bro for giving soar throat to my nephew with the help of his favorite I-Keyyyym (Ice cream). Am happy for two reasons - am the uncle I am supposed to be rotting my nephew's life and my bro finally has a reason to yell at me coz of his responsibility.
Three down and one (or how many) more to go..
A certain buttefly flutters deep in my stomach for what I am going to do. Hope I don't waste an opportunity so critically important as an act of treasure hunt. (Fingers crossed is just an understatement)
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