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I can be mean too :D

Yesterday's game won the new "Best repartee" from self and from the team. Last year's finals showcased a smart tit for tat with a broad smile to the opponent captain, for his fortune to make into the finals. This year's punch in the air followed by the aggressive repartee brought the biggest cheers from the fair UKCC team.

With a heck lot of running really tiring out my soul, I had no other option but to stand loose and wait till the last microsecond to tense up my body and whack the ball. Unfortunately, with Sardarji 'Sam'arjith throwing all his anger at me with bouncers, and beamers, I couldn't place the ball outside the ropes. Then after a cheeky two run stolen from his anger, Sardarji yelled in his genetically altered aggressive voice, "You can't even walk in the pitch. Go back a$$hole"

Showing a stern face of anger, I waited for the next ball lazy and tired. As he released the ball, I walked down the pitch and whacked him for the biggest and longest six of UKCC's innings. I punched in the air, looked at Sardarji and agitatedly spat, "I still can whack you for a six.........." followed with my dry mouth accenting his name as "Some Singh" instead of "Sam Singh". With the umpire walking between us to calm us down, I turned to the bench and yelled, "Pappu can't dance with me.. Saala" and they all jeered and cheered at my offensive pun.

And thus Samarjith Singh became 'Some Singh' to 'Pappu who can't dance' in a matter of seconds. The team rarely sees me going for a sledge coz am against it. But, if I am twitched then I can really flood and drown the opponents remarks. Though, I should be ashamed of my remarks, am happy that I stand strong against such non sportsmanship strangers who try to play with my mind. I can be real mean too. But, it's just that nobody prefers to be like that.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, May 03, 2009


you ought to,Ahem,publish the following statement, like they do in the Hindu -


a) I have never hit anything bigger than a mosquito and claiming that i hit a "big" six was,um,due to alcohol induced oversight.

b) The exchange between the sardar & myself has been described as 'sledging' (yeah, the pappu part and all) erroneously. It ought to have been appropriately described as 'LKG level squabble'

Pappu cant dance! :x Good Lord!

Thirundungada! :x

10:34 AM  

@Abhikoo: It's not about the level of squabble we 'sportsmen' intend to raise the bar at, but at how effective the squabble can down the opponent to a state that you can walk, jump and dance over his throat... ;)

2:46 PM  

'sportsmen'a :x solid machi. carry on carry on.

9:22 PM  

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