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Life ain’t simple, but can be kept SIMPLE

It had been long that I have blogged. Thanks to my PhD qualifiers, Chicago trip, some experiments and some serious commitments and responsibilities I had been physically exhausted. Mentally on the educational perspective, was doing better than worse. My mind did work normal. Hardly I had time to go and play some game (which mostly took the strain off my mind), yet I had been under control. There were days when I had no or a couple of hours sleep in 2-3 days. One friend called me Kaatu Payan (Mr. Jungle) coz of the way I was living my life.
I read this article back in India which I remembered during this interim which suggested one can watch and admire simple things in life to tackle stress. I used this concept for my benefit and it worked wonders. You won’t believe the things I started to admire.
I had been a constant fan of sunrises and sunsets. But coz of the extremely busy schedule I had in my lab I missed most sunrises and sunsets. But through my lab window from my chair I saw the brightness over the snow capped ground. Whenever it snowed I kept my tongue out and tasted the snow (till my tongue got dry). I cycled around Youngs library so that I can go around the poles in a wavy motion (located at the east section).
When traveling to Chicago alone, I watched the sunrise through my rear view mirror for a change. Whenever I was exhausted mentally, I took a piece of paper and just drew some crap just the way kids do.
Surprisingly I watched very little number of movies, my sandisk mp3 player died on me and so had no update on current songs (even now). When everyone were busy playing in snow without me (coz I was in lab), I tried something different. Through my lab window I collected the snow, made snow balls of ‘em and kept it near the lab heater. Watched it (at moments) melt and saw the water dripping on the sides of the heater.
On one occasion, when I had to wait for the nitrogen cycle to be over in my reaction, I made a pile using all the beakers in the lab. Fortunately it dint fall and make a mess :-)
The best thing I did to keep myself occupied (just like that to enjoy), I counted the no of holes in the speaker attached to my monitor. These are real tiny holes and hard to keep track of.
My room was a complete mess with books and papers and clothes and dirt from shoes (snow really made a mess in my room). I was so pissed initially that I had to clean it. The very next day it looked the same. So what I did was I kept stuff at random locations and tried remembering exactly how and where they were placed the previous day. Believe me… that improved a lot of memory.
Admired trees that had no leaves and only frozen branches, touched every lamppost I came around while walking back home, counted the no of steps to reach the student center starbucks from my dept when I went alone, did a lot of crazy stuff. But it was fun and it dint hurt anyone’s emotions or feelings. Things I did were countless. But it made me feel good. Tried new things in life and it worked fine. I guess sometimes its better to be left alone to make yourself like yourself…. Am now sleepy, but got work to do and so am thinking of counting the no of gloves in a fisher pack (it says 100 on the outside and I want to confirm it for fun) and rearranging it.
Got lots of things in my memory. But the memory bank is currently under renovation. So lemme finish the blog with the note, ‘I don’t know why I wrote this blog?’
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