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Play with your heart and not with your mind!

Its been quite long that I hadn’t posted any blog!. Well I managed to squeeze some time somehow. I’ve been playing racquetball for the past 3 months fervently and it was only yesterday did I realize that I used the words, ‘Play with your heart Hari, Not with your mind’ I later realized that I used these words when I was a kid back home. I used to play badminton then and that’s the way I talk to myself when am pissed with my cheap shots. It gives me the strength and spirit always.
It’s been my quality while playing badminton (and now racquetball) that when I see my opponent dive or stretch forward and makes an attempt to get the game running, I forget myself and return them with a lollipop which eventually is a big mistake in any game. I don’t know why, but my heart appreciates their effort and to make things better for them I make it easier for them. It had never been the case when I fall down and take a shot. Actually I like it that way. Yesterday I dove forward, hit my right knee real hard on the platform, watched the ball being hit hard towards the right corner, got up from my lying position, ran around the player (a good friend Abhay), chased the ball in the air towards the rear wall, dove again, hit the ball as a follow through and cleared the shot. Thanks to my ever injured right knee, I hit the wall real hard and to my surprise, Abhay gave a lollipop. I was happy on one side that he understood my pain and on the other side, ‘man I can take more of this game’ feeling. Then he appreciated my effort. We both smiled at each other. I had been diving in all sports now a days and injuring myself real hard. Am so experienced with diving now that I roll over like a buffoon in a carnival. He never gets injured. I feel better to lose using my heart rather than winning a game with my mind. I can do the latter anytime coz mind games aren’t tough for me. Good news! My knee survives the on slaughter…. Bad news am going to India and don’t know how am gonna continue this game…. But diving is good to go.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, December 19, 2006


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