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Kal Ho Na Ho?

After infinite requests from good pals, often cry from my mom, often advices from my dad and ever shouting foul language from my bro I decided to visit the doctor regarding my weight loss. Went to meet Dr. Volk today morning. He asked me, ‘Reason for ur visit?’ I said, ‘Am (not true, its others) concerned with my weight loss in the past 6 months’ His face was like, ‘Dude are u crazy? U look normal to me.’ And asked few more questions, etc, checked my BP, pulse, doughed my tummy for possible organs troubles, etc and finally gave me a comment ‘U look normal to me, must have been the dietary change which made u lose weight. Just in case lemme ask you to take some tests regarding the levels of Thyroid in ur body’ I took it cool and was saying internally, ‘Ya! This should have been India and I would have said no, but who cares, now I have insurance’. Spent like an hour in the hospital going for all the tests and after that came out of the hospital.
This might be crazy for readers, but what went through my mind is real funny (or should I say concerned to an excess). As soon as I saw the outside world, my eyes gazed the sky as usual and then I thought, ‘What would happen if I really had a problem? My dad had thyroid problems when I was a kid. Y worry, now medicine is so advanced that thyroid can be treated easily. Do I have the money to do it? Hey am in US, got my dept paying for insurance. What if it doesn’t work out? Then just lose hope and do ur job. But how can I live without anyone concerned abt my life? Hey come on! U guess ur gonna say it in a radio? Forget informing anyone what happens to ur health. What would I do if I really start dying? Eventually you would die Hari. Just do your job and leave the world. What if I die say in 5 years? Then go have fun till that time.. No no, do your work harder and finish what u meant to be here for. How would I keep myself isolated from the world? Just sleep in the day, work at nights when none watches u suffer. Save ur salary for family use. Give all money to parents and ask them to forgive u and ask them to take care of bro. What would I say to my girl friend? (immediately smiling) Ahem! Which girl friend are we talking about? (not that I have many, it means I have none that close). I should call Nitin and ask him to continue on my research and find something worthful for the world. I should call Anand and say to him, ‘I am sorry. I need to leave u bud and thanks for being with me in thick and thins of my US life’. I should convince my friends Sameer and Bandi to take life serious and come up in life as great people instead of just living a life just like any other Indian in US. I should call all my Indian friends before I depart and ask them to meet me at least once.’ All kinds of crap went on like this for a while.Then I was crossing Funkhouser building and I saw this group of children being walked towards OHR. I went behind them and was enjoying every moment of their innocent life. Fortunately I went with them in the elevator (one floor down). I realized what stupidity was I thinking? What if I have a disease, I still have time to live. I can make a change around me. I am called a crazy guy by most friends but I believed in one sentence. ‘People doing things different are called in two names – Crazy or Legendary’ I would prefer dying with the latter name over my grave. So lemme just forget about any crap and just focus on my work. Who knows I might find something good before I depart (some day or the other I need to go to hell if am crazy or to heaven if am a legend). This is a world filled with people, with busy people, with worried people, with selfish people (no offense). They would remember you for a week if I die normal. But they would worship u if u die after achieving something. Lemme just go for the achievement. Sat in my lab and gave my heart and mind into my AFM files. Played serious with the software and to my surprise got awesome results. Now am getting my name in a paper. To make things better, itunes was playing the song ‘Har Ghali badal rahi hai’ from Kal ho na ho. What a timing?? Just need to find that Pretty woman… :) PS Lance Armstrong has cancer. Why worry?
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, December 19, 2006


:) What imagination !!!

$#%^#%# $# $##%

And hey Lance Armstrong "HAD" cancer. Hes ok now. he had it all removed. Read that book - its phenom

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