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Red Phoenix rising

I am not too mature;

Am not too filled with virtue,

I am not too brave;

Am yet not filled with grave,

I am not too lonely;

Am not left with any memory,

I am not a personal ATM;

Am still a human,

I am not your type of a friend;

Am not a follower of that trend,

I am trying to change;

Am not let loose of the hinge,

I am not of your mind;

Am still trying to be your kind,

I am not a lone warrior;

Am not a survivor,

I am forgetting;

Am not relenting,

I am not living;

Am not dying,

I am feeling the intensity;

Soon to have the superiority.....

Things never seemed to turn into track after my post India trip. This time I decided to walk through it alone, none knows about it coz none cares about it and none wanted to be anyone. I am changing for sure, but not to what I used to be as the past has engraved a character in me which makes me look too mature in the eyes of others. They might not like it. So what I have my years to live with it...... I haven't spoken with my parents for a week, avoiding them, finally shouted at my brother for his ignorance not because I was a coward so far, but I wanted him not to be the coward. I've stopped thinking about my nephew (except that I do change my gtalk pic to his), I've stopped avoiding friends and instead have started sweating in my lab. I rose to the occasion of calling my advisor to tell him that he isn't proving to be of any help for my career and future. I've been showing my fisty side to all people who mocked at me earlier. I am proving myself to those who laughed at me, I am not winning competitions but am winning over life. Nobody plays with me. My momentum 'I am not a loser to quit. I am a winner to fight till death'..... It is time that I lived for me, and I alone......

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, July 20, 2007


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