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Am not a pauper

In the past 2 days I had 17 friends asking me if I need money. I didn't even lose any pounds in the last week (been sitting at my house doing out of academic work or watching cars crossing my street). Everyone suddenly seem to care a lot. I got calls even from Sydney, London and Aachen and of course from ol' friends and everyone seemed to ask me only about my financial troubles. What made everyone to offer me money is still strange to me. I had to talk with a sense of humor to make these caring friends worry about me and talk about their life.

I do not know if this is coincidence or not, I have my first Umpiring game this weekend. I had waited for this for several years. I had given some wrong decissions last year during our home game (was still a non certified umpire at that time) and had been working sincerely to overcome my errors. Last month I won the certificate with ULTIMATE flying colors.

Most of my friends started to find out that I had been planning for this umpiring for a long time, but not even a single person understood that I was doing it coz it is one of my passions. Everyone thinks that I do it for the money behind it. Whenever people especially those whom I consider as good friends say to me that I should get more pay, or spend the money on a trip or use to buy a TV, etc really hurts. Standing 8 hrs does not hurt my back. But sitting at house for no reason does and for a reason I am avoiding all friends for a while which soon shall be revealed. If I need money defenitely I would approach the right friends. I gave up a car, a long wanted camera and much more not coz I dont have money, but to use that money with friends and for friends in need. I am fine with friends not talking or asking about my passion, but I really hate friends who misunderstand passion to monetary gains. Saying that, I still forgive those friends coz I am still Hari..... Just in case, you don't do the mistake again, my passions in life are:

Photography, Chess, Racing, Umpiring, Flute, Painting, recently Poetry, Cycling, Mountain climbing, Forensics, Surgery, Friends and certain others.......
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, June 08, 2007


hey hari,

a nice post this one, a welcome change after those stories - which were way too intense for a bird brain like me :)

And sure dude, I always knew u were keen on umpiring - forget the money etc. i remember u giving out decisions for chemical vs textile, A block Vs B block, Hostel Vs Daysch way back :)

so any1 needs a referral - put them on to me.

Get a fucken pair of headphones da, we can talk sometime

9:32 AM  

hey i din know abt that flute thing.. dont tell me u know how to play it.. or rather blow it...
otherthings are obviously known to me..
only u left one....
Probably ur favorite passion when it comes to me...

"calling me a kanjoooosss and a chuckerrrr!!!!!!"

this time its krish.. not layman...


1:49 PM  

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