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Big Ben - My soulful tree

I never saw you as a tree;
As for eternity I felt you and I were one,
Anchored deep in the earth of culture;
Your dream-branches reached high in the sky,
Broiled in the problems of the hot sun;
Gracefully danced in the winds of hope,
Experience gained, stood tall after the storm;
Refreshed our happiness with every downpour,
We grew strong without notice;
Prepared for each season,
Our hearts provided shadow to strangers;
Lauded as friends with our fruits,
Silent were we, yet chirping filled our silence;
Darkness shadowed every night;
Starry memories brightened our spirits,
You listened when my heart died;
I leaned at your heart when I cried,
You never spoke words;
But I understood that we were one,
Hopes of trust I gained;
From your rustling than from friends buzzing,
We stand tall, shadowing everyone;
Till our shadows vanish with time,
We are one;
We grow stronger without notice,
I grow; we grow,
To you my soulful friend;
Big Ben – I share my life.

- H2S (A dedication to Big Ben - the tree behind Youngs Library with whom I shared more time than any other friend. Thanks for everything Ben. It is time we did what we are supposed to do!)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, June 14, 2007


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