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What am I angry about?

Yesterday I don't know what came into me, I was very angry the whole day. One poor guy suffered the consequences. I made him go for a win in badminton till 11-0 and then I stomped him to finish at 15-11. I was furious at the guy for some petty reasons. After the game I really felt bad coz I gave him hope and then killed his confidence. Later I was walking back home and I saw this bud light can on my way and I kicked it real hard, and it went inside the fence of a creech near my house. This made my blood go red and I hit a traffic pole with my fist and now my hand hurts real bad. I wasn't in a mood to play PS2 yesterday. I played Call of Duty 3 just for the sake of killing people with a gun and some grenades. Later in the lab, I was so furious about the temperature fluctuation in my experimental system that I kicked the temperature bath and water spilled all over the lab. Had to clean it till 2 30 in the morning. I thought I would cool down by today morning and it din't work out. I don't understand what the hell is wrong with me. I wanted to be alone and that too doesn't work out. Wherever I go, there is always someone to talk friendly with me and I have no other option but to give up thinking on what I am angry about and talk news with the person. Adding to the confusion, all the equipments which I use for my research analyses seem to have a grudge over me. Exactly on the days I book them for usage they seem to have problems. It's been long that I blamed luck for my state of mind, but now a days I seem to give into the fact that there is something called luck and in my case the only luck I have is bad luck. Even when I try to cool my head by watching a movie, things go worse. First it was the climax of 1971 and then it was Harry Potter. Man nothing seems to keep me cool. My comp at my house crashed, SMILE failed, Bike got flat, no time to meet good friends coz of some crap issue I've taken into my head, rooms a mess, and much more. But these things have happened to me quite often. Then why the hell am I frustrated for no reason? I need to get back into my trousers. I dont know how, but if this continues then defenitely I am going to lose a lot of friends and happiness. Hope the weekend holds good for me.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, July 12, 2007


it happenss ....all u need is patience...things will change with time...try to change tur perceptive..hope it will get better....

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