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Romantic Scratching

Does butt scratching come under the category of being called ssssssmokinnnnnnn hot? :o

"Grossssssss....." is what most of your minds might be saying (if you think it's fine, then please refrain from being even walking close to me or my friends). Anyways coming to the real deal for the title, it's just a random event which I felt interesting (just cleared a payload of work and so this seems to be interesting for the dead nerve cells) to post on.

Sundays dinner went fine with friends, and after requesting the waitress for the forgotten fortune cookie, my Chinese dough sweetener read "There's a good chance of a romantic encounter soon" Then, all I did was keep the fortune in my wallet (as usual), but now after 36 hours, my sight lays only on the words 'Chance' and 'Soon'. In my case, the fortune should have read, "There's an unlikely event of a romantic encounter of one in a zillion probability within your next lifetime". From the time I broke the cookie open, I had nearly zero opportunity to even see my roommates. But somehow I still have this feeling equivalent of a beacon of torch light signaling at the vast expanse of the sky hoping to get a reply back. So if any girl is interested, I can arrange something special for definite.

Now, here is something grossly interesting - With irresponsibility doing its part in making me forget my iPod case at a friends place about 5 hours from here, I am left with no other option but to keep the player in my jean pocket. With both my hip-thigh zone pockets filled with an armory of important stuff, I had no other option but to keep the player in my back pocket. Now, it is time for you all to imagine things from now on.

You walk losing yourself in the melody of your favorite track. The music slowly fades away in the wind at the end and all of a sudden the next track turns out to be a blaring one. You are too lazy to actually take the iPod of the pocket and reduce the volume. Now, you have two options - go to the ENT for a deaf ear or place your hand over your back pocket and make a circular motion to reduce the volume.

For a girl who is walking behind you at a certain distance, this would definitely look like, you're either touching yourself, or you have 'arippu' 'khujli' on your butt. Lucky for me, I had a sarcastic junior walking behind me, who laughed at the action and gave some gyaan on that. If it had been a girl, I would have taken the ENT option for sure.

In the normal life:

Had one of the best meetings yesterday night (9 pm) with my colleague and advisor, and it was very special. It was one of those moments, when you really feel the verve of 'I am doing the right thing by going for PhD' The day was special enough that I did a replay of reading 75% of the ever 'volatile' Morrison & Boyd organic chemistry tome in 7 hours (non stop).

Cary Brothers' Ride (DJ mixed by Tiesto) has been the pep beat in the deserted lab for the whole day. Blue Eyes by the same band is respectably awesome. Blue Eyes is the song that's been butt scratched whenever I walk between labs.

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Lol!!! Naah, ENT is the more boring option. :D

4:19 PM  

@ the Nut: Not if the ENT specialist is a hot lady.... :D

12:38 AM  

Point! :D

12:23 PM  

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