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(One of) The quickest way(s) to judge someone’s ability to analyze, judge and come to a conclusion, can be done, by going shopping with that person. Fortunately, I’ve never disappointed 99% of the people I’ve gone shopping with. And to top the cracker, they fell under the same category of ‘fast-but-smart’ shoppers. A few seconds, is all it takes to come to a comprehensive decision. But, for the first time in nine years, I ended up spending on an average twenty minutes/shop (6 stores), to find the perfect key chain for my car keys. I’d been in this situation before, when I had ‘Mach VI’ – my bicycle in my school days.

Strangely, my ‘Colors’ TVS 50, ‘Day Rider’ TVS Victor, three apartment keys (which were used to tear open packed parcels rather than lock doors), and my lab clinkers – all came in with unique key chains. But for the first time in nine long years, I am given a single car key, and just to avoid, me losing it, while performing one of my crazy jumps, or flips, or runs, or anything that’s crack loosened, I decided to buy a key chain. There is also this added pressure of including these discount bar codes (Speedway, Kroger, etc) to the key chain.

The options so far have either been a bottle opener (not much sober people in this part of the world) or, a laser pointer (Errr... How many MBA’s and PhD’s are here to give a presentation?), an emergency signaling waterproof LED (hmmm. Quite useful if you drive off the ferry), the usual University logo (How much should one Bleed the color?), a doll/bear (half the population is made of the masculine sex and not yoggy), a nail clipper (am gifted with natural clippers in the name of teeth), a sportive charm (should I hoop or ram using my car in traffic?), a hook (Yeah! I can cling on to the cliff if I drive off the mountain), a slinky spring (don’t wanna even comment on it), a small knife (can use it as protection when your being mugged), or something gaudy / shiny / sexy (I need a low waist pant, a boxer 90% visible, a blinging ‘cool daddy’ chain, an LED sparkling goggles, a XXXXXXXL T shirt and a NY flat cap to match with this key chain).

Finally, I gave up finding the right key chain. I guess, I would be happy and much obliged, if I get a freebie or a gift from someone. If I attempt to find one again, then it has to match the feeling of ‘Love at first sight’ to accept it as part of my ‘Jaywalker’ keys (yup! You guessed it right. That’s my car).
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, April 19, 2008


i dont thinking shopping is the right criteria, i mean by that criteria woman would fare very badly, but yeah i guess it will work if u apply only to guys. :D

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