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Pen Pain.....

It's around 2:30 in the morning, and I'm quite sure that I earned my right (After reading 3 review papers, two different system experiments, and an idea-generating discussion with a colleague on his research) to spend a few minutes blogging.

At times, I lose my pattern of life and end up making more mistakes as an attempt to recover. Two weeks ago, I was dumb enough to throw my Beta Parker pen along with a shirt in the laundry. Monday morning, during the individual meeting, I ended up pooling blue ink all over my jeans and my advisors office. From that day, I'm desperately trying to cope-up the loss of my favorite pen. In two weeks, I have lost 3 pens in the lab, spun splurred 2 pens coz of my crazy addiction to rotate pens when I'm focusing on something important (at least saves my left over nails), gave away one more to a friend and forgot all about it, and lost not one but two pens today during practice (Yes! I take notes about the game coz I have a pathetic memory in terms of strategic game plan analysis). My armory of freebie pens for emergency use in the lab has entirely vanished. I hate using pencils since they fade out in less than a year. The most recent notes on my experiments now has a roller ball light blue date, ball point dark blue aim, V-5 black weight readings, ball point black colored tips and variations, No 2 Pencil markings, an yellow marker mole% calculations, an orange marker reaction time details and finally a waxy crayon strike outs (I am very glad that my advisor asks for weekly reports in word documents rather than write ups)
With the Parker gone, the character in me just got reversed. Luckily, I'm getting back a few Betas soon from a few 'Back to US' guys. Here's something about me: I feel terribly bad, if I don't have my very own pen, when I'm about to write something or sign something. PS I always open the lid, fix it to the rear of the pen and offer it to people who ask for my pen. Reason: Sometime in the past, I was told that this means, offering respect to the person in front of you.
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