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The Reason

Well, it took me about four awkward minutes and tens of (deleted) starting lines to finally start this post. The reason - My ever yapping (good hearted) roomie finally gave up talking seconds ago, coz he got tired of talking to a deaf ear... :D

Today was an interesting day. An interesting day which I shall recollect years later, when someone throws the question, "Have you ever seen its working mechanism?" and point their finger at a huge clock in a tower. Be it, an awkward dash to the meeting, or a hippity hoppity 3 am hop to take out samples, or a sliding winter slippery morning to the exciting work, I always end up checking my watch with the Memorial Hall's clock tower. And as always, it is 3 minutes slower than my watch. Once, I even made sure to check on its time lapse that occur for day light savings, and to my surprise they did change the time as it should be changed at 2 am.
(Now, I am convinced that I had a reason to do this interesting act)

Today, as I checked the clock tower during the morning run, I noticed it was 6:23. "What the??? Did I lose an hour of my sleep?" and I rechecked my watch to notice that it was 7:20 am. A strange feeling of responsibility hit me hard enough to scan the Engineering campus for a janitor and finally found one disguised as an Eskimo in the cold wave. A few minutes later, I was gifted a platter of an undeniable offer to check the clock's mechanism as a Thank You note. An opportunity not taken is an opportunity lost. And an opportunity to change time is an opportunity to 'just change time' (what else did you expect?).

A few stairs up with my usual 3 step skip ascent, a creaking door, and an iron key that weighed a few lbs was all it took, to make my eyes stare in fascination. All the gears and levers were kept well oiled, clean and above all in perfect fit working in sync. The sight was exhilarating. A few minutes was enough to detail the entirety of the mechanism behind the clock. Somehow the walk down the stairs echoed, "Time is all a mechanism"
The metaphysics behind the echo has it's own convoluted virtue. I'd rather abstain myself from explaining the meaning of the statement before I make the post uninteresting.

For me, I am just gifted a certain amount of luck in witnessing such great mechanisms and interesting things. I finally feel good about my odd habit of checking the clock for no reason. The reason was all reasoned out, after all, in time, in a timely manner.

Off the Mechanics of Engineering: I am not an early morning mirror talking guy. In fact I never was. But, to make things easy and life simpler, I'd started this new trend of making a unique funny face every morning before or after I brush my teeth. It does give me some good laughter to start the day wide and bright. I seriously NOT doubt how many different faces you can make in your life time.

Well, more dreams to make me think compound. The latest was of me trying smoking. The strange thing is my soon to be Swades(i) roomie was the guy who provided me the Cigars (Yup! I started directly with cigars in my dream), and his style of drinking alcohol is by sniffing it and having a hang over in the morning. Sheesh, Cigars and from Nicko!!!

I survived a self-posted bet with none other than self (again) of not checking the Oscars for over a day. And after several pulls, shut sneaks, bloated gtalk messages, bling bling orkut quotes, huff-puff AR Hails, I managed to pull the 24 hours without knowing the winners list. Of course, I was forced with info regarding the twins from AR's success. Well the bet was that the winner got to taste awesome home cooked catfish, while the loser had to cook it.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, February 23, 2009


well its nice to be able to read blog agains on their respective blogspot pages.

My favorite line "The reason was all reasoned out, after all, in time, in a timely manner"

Now, tell me, what is f$##'s name do u mean by that harism ? :)

( i thank the gawds that u did not choose to write something about the greatness of ARR and SLumdog. Im still sore that ARR got it for a sukhwinder song as crummy as Jai ho)

2:35 PM  

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