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4/7/9 Evening: More bad news is just an euphemism... Holding on......
4/8/9 Afternoon: Academic, personal, goal related, risk related, time related factors all colloiding to make a single most important decision between two choices. I've never been this arrogant in weighing options. And I'm buckling under pragmatic optimization. Will this evening every end? Flipping a coin seems extremely heaven but distant.... If there's a God, I desperately need a miracle right today, right now.
4/8/9 Evening: An internship position from Novartis is open and my advisor recommends me in applying for it (deadline midnight). Unwanted 'induced' unimportant confusion puts a 5 lb on the rod. I'll take it as a sign of change...
4/8/9 Hours after Midnight: Spent 3 hours on updating my resume after 4 years. Couldn't stop laughing at the fact that 4 months of work comes as a line on your CV. In the evening, I attended an invited discussion called Astitva. 1 non ABCD (Me, +4th year PhD), 25 ABCD girls, 15 ABCS boys = Couldn't stop laughing at the way ABCDs interact and talk. It was a jungle out there.
4/9/9 Afternoon: I got the interview call (damn! Was my resume that good? :o). The interviewer was tired for sure. Interview went dull till the moment I went frank and said, "Looking at the job requirements and my background in Pharma, I guess I won't fit perfect with the internship. But if you have no other potential candidates from Pharma 'even', you know what I am made of" A formal discussion continued the next couple of minutes where we exchanged incidents about my advisor (his PhD colleague) and finally I took his contact and gave him a contact of a PhD Pharma pass out UK grad student currently jobless in California. =)) Inspite of my dad's support in pursuing post doctorate, he is going to go nuts over this incident.... History seems to be repeating... Ah! Those unforgettable CTS, TCS, and SCT throw downs.. I am unique.... :)
4/9/9 Evening: I am stubborn and had, am and will take risks as a daily meal. Yet again, I am submitting in ACS. Screw politics, screw failures... I know my paper is great. The AIChE poster says it all. If things want to get tough, and if I can't beat these things, at least I'll try to delays its victory over me. Another month and half before I know the result. Till then, paper 2 and 3 needs to wait. Good.. I can polish its impact with a few more results I can accomplish this month.
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All the best :)

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@ Srivats - all the best it is then....

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