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Rock, Paper, Scissors

"(Chik chik chik)n"; where n = many, followed by "(kutch kutch kutch)m"; where m = many more, richochetted through his mouth the mimicry of a scissor. He slowly accelerated his wobbling head to a official head banging. Then with the artists' hand weighing his head for control, he slowed down, his eyes met my standing reflection, and his lips parted a buttery smile. I thoroughly savored the sweetness of 'his'* character throughout his hair cut. (* - My 24 kg shoulder dumble, duck walk styled, Indian summer-pink chubby cheeked, yet to be 3 year old nephew). I don't remember a single detail of what/how I enjoyed/boo'ed the art of hair dressing during my childhood.

This weekend, I witnessed something forgotten. Not 1, not 2, but a lot counted till 14, years later, for the first time, I observed the sharp edges of a silvery SCISSOR work its skill through the striated teeth of a brown comb. And black curls (not that dense :D ) fell over the drapped white slope, which eventually at times started an avalanche of flocks that dropped onto the shiny marble floor. I was all Jay* this time and the artist** loved my reaction to my own attention (**considering my property expanding scalp - trimming the black lawn is definitely an art :D). With the glass-thrown-to-trash makeover, my interests in profound observation over simple happenings have increased. But I forgot that things like the haircut, the bottom of a pool/ocean, the microcosm of micron sized eye-squeezing dust during a 60kmph ride, the distant silhoutte of a rain clad figure (yeah! figure! So what? :P), chill winds and the white precipitation of the American winter, and a lot more of the unexplored/forgotten events still remain at its dormant/infant visualization. I can't wait to witness the next event that would blow my hair out....

Off the Kutch and the Chik:
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, July 07, 2009


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