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Monday, was a special day in my life. I was forced by my vicarious brother to buy a car (for him). He had a friend who knew people in the dealership field. So we went to his shop. This friend of my bro named Raj, owns a normal petty shop in a strange place. It wasn't situated in the best of the neighbourhoods (or should I say not even close to what International students call as USA). Lining the streets on two sides were halfway houses, populated by drug addicts, mafia gangs (as my bro aptly put it), not so recovering homeless people, and those who weren't all there in for a family but only for pure sex. Most of them or to be precise 99% of them were Niggers (no offense) who sat on ragged couches and lawn chairs on front porches beaten by years of use, sometimes smoking, sometimes talking to themselves, and sometimes shouting at you from across the street as you walked with a language so unique that you can understand that they are using only filthy language but with the most friendly gestures you can ever get. Most of them had a style of their own. Most of the guys showed their torsos broiling with the summer sweat, and they had this strange way of dressing their bottoms. They wore these half trousers hanging tautly at their thighs, allowing only their inner garments (boxers) covering their genitals. If you think these Yins were crazy, then you should have seen the Yans. The ladies knew exactly when to show what they are not supposed to show these guys. It was a horrid atmosphere you would like to want.I had to wait for my bro's friend for an hour. This was one of those strange days in which you dint want to stay at the place but the place was a new world to you. People walked in and out of the shop buying packaged food as a side dish for the alcohol and beer they considered as the main routine carbohydrate. Women came with children who showed great enthusiasm in making a fuzz of things around the shop. The most common item most women shop is Hair. Yep 'H' 'A' 'I' 'R'...... They liked blonde, redneck, purple, fritzy and all kinds of hair.
The children as I learnt later from my bro and his friend were not their kids but actually children from foster homes and runaway toddlers. When I asked them why they wanted to have these children, one nigger replied 'its for the Fucking greenie'. I dint understand what he said and I looked at my bro. My face was painted with a big question (I guess with the green color the nigger indicated). My bro instantly understood my question and replied 'Greenie means Dollars'. He cleared my mind with a concept which I never knew existed in the States. He said that these communities were considered by the US govt as deprieved class. These people were given some wild priviledges that every month they need to pay only 15 bucks for their rent and half their utility bills. Further for every family the government gives 800 bucks for food each month. The best part is that for every child a family has the govt pays an extra 700 bucks. Then my bro startled me saying that the women whom you met a minute ago has 23 children and thats for the money. How cruel can a person be???
During the time I was trying to resuscitate from the horror I had just encountered, many other people came in and did their wacky shopping. One guy around 20s came in for Jordan shoes. He saw the shoes and after finding out they costed $140, he started scowling in his usual language of F's with my bros friend. I expected him to beat the life out of him. But my bros friend returned the favor with an equivocal language and skill.
Later I decided to stand out for a while coz the shop had too much of a smoke caused by the cigar fanatics huffing and puffing like a smoked steam engine. (learnt that there were 62 varieties of cigars and that the pineapple flavor is considered the most profitable cigar type). So when I stood out I was world watching. My eyes met a group of men and women sitting on a park bench and its nearby ground.
I don't think of myself as the type of person to find enjoyment in the mere existence of a group of people, just because they look different. But there was something strange about low community black people that just gets my goat. It's not just me either, almost everyone I know gets frightened at the sight of a black person. They looked really frightening, and who doesn't like someone who perpetually looks jolly. But their bantering seemed that they dint care about the outside world or about the way the world looks at them. The group was having fun in their own way. They were jeering with joy. Each one had a bottle of beer in his or her hand, mouth filled with 32 teeth which were the only other white regions in their body other than their eyes. They were singing with the usual F words with ease. They fought against each other occasionally, ran against each other, teased every women in the group, gave a cheerfull compliment to onroad passers, greeted children with sarcasm, booed old people with greetings and finally made a fool of themselves to their friends. It was a strange and admirable sight. Finally I got sick of it that I went back into the shop. To my suprise my bro was about to leave.
Finally I was relieved from this Black wonderland and taken to the car lot where I met the complete opposite of what I saw like 5 minutes ago. I wont call it the opposite world, it was the normal community one would encounter in US. Looked at the cars and finally drove 4 of them, sorted 2 and finally decided upon one.
This experience has changed the way I think of this land of opportunities. Every country has its own drawbacks. The people I had seen are made lazy by the government. They dont beg, but they smuggle drugs. They are not educated not coz they dint have the chance but coz they are supposed to be kept like that by the higher class. The world is a strange place. It might be made small by technology but it never can be clasped by the human mind. There are just certain things in the world which cant be taken that easily by the heart either.
Lets see how much more would I see in this world before I lay my soul.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, July 10, 2006


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