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Choclate is good - But Carrots are better

An article from Kentucky Kernel
There are two types of people in the world - carrot people and chocolate people.

At least that's what my friend has recently tried to convince me of.

Give me a few minutes to explain.

There are some people in your life who are like carrots. They are healthy for you. They contribute beneficially toward your well-being. According to, carrots are a good source of vitamin A, which is very important for healthy eyes. Carrots can pick you up when you are in a rush, as they are a healthy, quick on-the-go snack. But the problem with carrots is that they are an acquired taste. Most people wouldn't exactly put them on their top-10 favorite foods list.
On the other hand, some people are like chocolate. They are so good but seem so sinful. They provide immediate gratification. Their aroma and taste are tempting. According to, the reason eating chocolate is such a wonderful experience is because when the cocoa butter melts at body temperature, there is a moment when the chocolate is neither a solid nor liquid, which in turn gives off an irresistible sensation.
Naturally, most are attracted to chocolate. Chocolate is a key ingredient that mixes well in so many wonderful foods, just like the chocolate people that can be put in most situations and succeed. Chocolate goes well in milk, cookies, cake and ice cream. It can be packaged into bars, stuck on spoons and shaped into little whatever u want it to be. With the exception of carrot cake and ranch dressing, there aren't too many sweet foods that carrots mix well with.
I can't recall a time in my life when I craved a carrot, but I could tell you of a couple of times last week when the only thing that could brighten my day would have been a piece of chocolate (which I hate the most).
Chocolate isn't exactly bad for you when eaten in moderation, but who wants to just eat a bite-size Snickers bar when you could have a whole one? Small doses are simply a tease. When you first eat chocolate, you can't get enough. But if you eat too much, your stomach starts to quiver.
Just like chocolate people. They suck you in with the physical sensation of getting a bite. But the more you let the chocolate into your life, the more difficult it is to zip up the jeans. You start to realize that they were great for you for that short time, but their goodness doesn't last, isn't true and has consequences. Now I realize this is a bit of ridiculous analogy, but I'm starting to buy into it. I know exactly who the carrot and chocolate people are in my life.
The carrot people want what is best for me in the long run. They want to add the right nutrients to my life when I'm in need of them. The chocolate people weasel their way in whenever it is convenient for them. They add a few more pounds of stress. They fulfill the quick gratification, and then they are off.
The funny thing is that we know that chocolate people - like the food - aren't good for us, but we can't quit either of them. They drip the sweet chocolate out in front of us, and we stick our tongues out for another bite. According to, chocolate makes us feel good because of a chemical in chocolate that stimulates endorphins, which releases chemicals to the brain that gives us a pick-me-up. But the stimulation only lasts for a short moment. We get our fix and then it is over once again.
Why can't we just stick with the carrots? Why do we have to fall into the temptation of chocolate? I believe with time, everyone realizes that carrots are essential to their life. Whether it is to avoid bifocals at 35 or to avoid an unhappy relationship, carrots are worth keeping around. I wish that I had taken my chances with more carrot people instead of slurping up the all chocolate people.
So my new goal is to quit nibbling on so much chocolate - well, at least the chocolate people.
By Hilary Strauss.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, September 19, 2006


dei mavaney, kernel nalla padikkareynu theriyuthu, ozhunga credits kudu man article ku. nalla irundhadhu illa..neways time eduthu type panninathukku good job!!!

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