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After yesterdays special conversation with a pretty 'married' woman, I had dreams on meeting someone special. Did I meet one?? Hmm..... Lemme think. Yep I did meet someone special. It all started like this.
Yesterday after my soccer game Brandon a good friend of mine (came with me to the Smokys and we rafted together in Nantahala river) said to me that he is leaving to his hometown tommrrow. When we went to Morgans house to play some Fifa soccer in playstation he saw the flyer of Bananna leaf (not sure with the spelling of bananna) a south Indian restaurant. He was so excited that myself and him decided to go for lunch today.
Me being a lousy sleeper woke up at around 11.oo Buddy being my alarm (he was working on the door one more day). So I decided to skip lunch. Brandon called me around noon and asked me when to depart for the restaurant. Me being an indolent piece of lifeless human apologized and said that I have my experiment in an hour. He was dead striken. Then I told him that I can make it up by goin to dinner (me thinking after 9 30 coz I had my practice on Thursdays till 9). I dont know whats with these americans. They have their lunch around 12 and their dinner around 6. Finally somehow after lotz of analysis and some friendly memories made me quit my practice today and go with Brandon for dinner around 7:00.
Went to the lab, did my experiment, got my formatted system from the CS dept guys. Checked the air fares for vacation to India in December, cursed all the airlines for the recent hike and then cursed Bush for the hike in oil prices. Then Cathy (Chineese girl who studies with us and works with Brandon) calls and says that she wants to join us for dinner. I said no problem and that she can bring her friends. To my suprise Brandon called Morgan and he said he is gonna bring Amanda (Morgi's Fiance and a good friend of mine) with him. Niting being my partner of food crime agreed for the plan.
So the clock ticked finally 7 pm and there I was in an international Omnium-gatherum with me being the leader. I was tensed whether these guys would love south Indian cuisine. We walked to the restaurant. There was this 15 minutes of enlightenment of knowledge from my side on what a Dosa is?. It was fun explaining things around to them. The restaurant owner being a busy guy still dint get close in explaining things to them.
After all this lecturing I finally ordered a Ghee masala dosa (whew! it took another 5 mins for explainig what ghee and masala was), a Ghee Onion Masala dosa (these two were for the couples Amanda and Morgan), a bananna leaf special dosa (stuffed with vegetables) and 5 chicken dosa. Oh I forgot there were 3 chineese, 4 americans and 2 Indians with one being the pure south Indian.
It was fun watching them eat with spoons and forks. Thank God the restaurant dint give chopsticks for the Chineese. Learnt that Chineese cooked similar stuff. It took me a while to explain them what sambar and chutney was. After the yummy dosas I ordered Stuffed egg and chicken parottas. We all shared them and then I gave a finishing touch by ordering kesari as desert. They loved it. Cathy had a mango Lassi. Took another part of my life to explain what parotta is made of and what lassi was.
After the wonderful dinner we all bid farewell to Brandon. He was a nice kid and is gonna be remebered in my memories. Hope we can meet again and we can upcling more adventures like sky diving, parasking etc. Then Morgan and Amanda left home. The two chinese guys decided to depart on their route. So myself Cathy and Nitin were left and we walked together home.
On the way Nitin revealed that a new South Indian girl is gonna come to our department. Cathy found that I was happy listening to the news (Hey come on guys, its boring in here without a relationship) and teased me a bit. Then we talked for a while about Indian 'beautiful' girls, what I and Nitin call as beauty, then about Cathy's personal life, about Nitins and then Cathy's inner feelings. I being a quitter on loving someone was just goofing around but they were serious, dead serious. And so this went for a while and then we departed on our own roads.
When coming back I felt that I've met people like 2 hours ago, and that I have learnt that be it any country everyone has the same heart. Everyone feels to be social. Its just that everyone is unique in achieving that relationship. Thats when I found out that everyones special in ones life. Its just that you need define the word 'Special' in your own way. So in this thought I came to my apartment and to forget things wathced the movie 'Reservoir Dogs' (Kaante in Hindi). It was such a nice movie by Tarantino that you would learn all the F words in 5 minutes. Then played Fifa05 with Sameer. I've been playing with him for the past 2 weeks and really feel sorry for scoring too much against him. Yet he manages to score up on me once in a while.
After all this which happened in a single day which was supposed to be normal ended up special. I dreamt of how mine and my family would be 'IF' certain things never happened. Who knows those Ifs might have produced a completely different person if the if happened for true.
Letz see what happens in the days to come. Hoping that the girl who comes this year is special (not for me, but in general)...... Ah!!!!!! How so quixotic of me......
(And in the picture from left to right: Ron, Wen, Amanda, Morgan, Daron, Nitin, Invisible me, Brandon and Cathy)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, July 28, 2006


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