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Crash Update about my life for the past 2 weeks

One Friday Morgan (my best american pal) asked me about being his groomsmen for his wedding. Initially I was hesitant and later himself and his fiance Amanda (another good friend I knew earlier) persuaded me in becoming his groomsmen. The reason they said was 'Amanda's cousin (20 year old girl) is pretty and that I would be walking with her during his wedding and later shall dance with her. Good Lord help me out of this.
Long weekend was a horrible but fun event in my life. I had to skip my group meeting on friday and had to go to our trip to Niagara, Pittsburg and Cleveland (Cedar Point theme park). Niagara wasn't interesting for me coz I loved Coutrallam than this one. Pittsburg temple was crowded but was not grand other than the fact that it was the first Indian temple in US. Had to drive 90% of the trip (approximately drove 16 hours all by myself). Celveland theme park was the best, but unfortunately was tired of no sleep and had to use all the adrenaline from the rides to stay awake while returning back to Lexington.
Last week our department guys decided to take part in the soccer intramurals. Ours being filled with a bunch of talentful young players went into the tournament with zero practice. I was made the keeper. We won 3 straight games and made it to the quarters. My keeping was horrible during the round games. Saved 13 goals in the quarters and we made it to the semis. I had my cricket practice on thursday and so had to quit the semis. Unfortunately our team lost against a better opposition. I was sad not being in the team.
My bro finally made it to Texas. He had to use my credit card for his gas expenses. I wish he churns out to be a good businessman sooner than I expect. Before he left he left his 36 inches TV, his CD player, DVD player, VCR and a home theater system of 3400 watts in my lil room. Spent almost a day in arranging my room to this electronic stuff.
One fine evening when I gave up on my work for the day, I realised that there was some kind of an image in my AFM monitor. Sent it to my guide with all the details and the next day he was jumping like a kid gettin a candy bar. We got some pretty good results after an years of work. I had to talk about it to my group members in a group meeting.
I did Chatting with a department girl (for 2 hours) who never used to say more than 2 words (not F off). Learnt some interesting stuff about her and the genre of girls. Decided to stick on to her as a good friend.
Enrolled in a study called pain perception research for which I need to be injected by morphine and by palcebos in 6 meetings. My hand shall be then immersed in ice water and the degree of pain and the rate of pain seeping is being studied. They are gonna pay me $425 for that. Nice way to make money for the debts I have incurred.
Saturday my UKCC team went for the finals against GDCC. The game was recorded and is gonna be showed in the TV soon. We lost the game coz of 3 decissions that went against us during both the halves of the game. Mohit was given LBW in a clear inside edge delivery. Ashwin was given LBW for a ball that hit his thigh while playing front foot shot (he is 6 2). Last minute direct hit by me (that was a miracle from my side) of the star opponent batsmen in the dead overs was ruled not out by the same ref. Even the batsman said he was out after the game. Eventually we lost the game coz of bad umpiring. Yet we were proud of making into the finals after 8 long years. Cricket season ended with this game. Its time to go back to Gully cricket in our University which we did yesterday and played good.
No clue of what to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays with no cricket practice to attend to. Got to submit a detailed report of my research for AICHE san fransisco conference. Got some home work and some studies to do to. Hoping a better week or two from now on. PS saw Fanna yesterday. Got loads of movies from my brothers collection which he left in my room.
Dont know what am gonna do.
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