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The sexy conversation

The day began a bit crazy than expected. Was dreaming about this lovely girl who was so gorgeous that I got a bit too straight in the real world. Thanks to my bed sheet I wasn't let embarassed in front of Buddy (a mexican) who was working on our apartment door.
After my infinite attempts to set the alarm 10 mins late finally made me wake up after 3 hours of scheduled alarm time. To my suprise everyone in the house faced the same problem. Fought, conquered and finally truced upon the order of using the restroom (Its hard having 5 guys using the lone restroom at the same time, Probability is always 100% same timing).
After all the muddle over the restroom I departed for my department. Caved into my lab and finally decided to format my system to stop the begetting caused by the spyware (which I was feuding for 2 weeks).
Then went to Bangkok House (thai restaurant) and had a veggie fried rice with no eggs. I dont understand why everytime I go out with my friends for lunch or dinner is always on either Wednesdays and Saturdays (when I dont have non veg). After the mildly hot lunch went to the pulic library to get my reserved books and movies. I helped the librarian by removing all the covers, opening the books where the barcode was present, removed dvds from their cases and she was impressed. Then came the most interesting, embarassed and finally suprised conversation in my life.
Librarian (was about mid 20's): Thanks for doing all the hard work (was mentioning my removal of the covers)
Me: It wasnt that tough. Was just speeding ur work
Librarian: How kind of u? Seems like we can fill u up in the assistant librarian post. (smiling)
Me: (The most shocking part) I can if I can sit with a beautiful librarian like u. (impulsive and then my mind went ringing. What did I do?)
Librarian: (Blushing and also a bit angry) She showed her finger (I expected a Fcuk u sign but she was showing her ring)
Me: I am extremely sorry. I dint mean to say that. (She was puzzled and I realizing my mistake, immeadiately responded). I, I, I, Meeeaaan u r defenitely beautiful and I, I, was admiring your beautiful work. (Whew! what a bummer)
Librarian: Thanks for the compliment. I am married.......................... (Her eyes focussing). But................ (But???? My heart was skipping for a while) The assisstant librarian post is still open.
Me: (Laughing out loud) I shall think about it.
Librarian: What if............ (my smile goes off in a second and waiting) I say that u can work with Lassi (Dint get the name properly, but thats what I heard lassi as in the curd milkshake) in the evenings. She is new and is 24 and unmarried.
Me: (Got the idea that she was kidding and so said) Where should I apply for the post?
Librarian: She laughed and gave all the scanned books and DVDs to me.
Me: Thanks and nice talking to u (How dumb of me, should have gone more)
Librarian: Have a nice day. The post is still open. (Smiled and then turned towards the waiting que).
Me: (What do u expect? just left the scene coz the people in que were now waiting)
Should be meeting her often from now on in the public library.
Thought about it till I reached my lab and did my experiment. Did some good work and then left home. Went to play soccer after that. The rest is just routine. Hope I dint dream about the librarian in the morning. How dreamfull of me????
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Heh Dog

That wasnt too bad considering what you were doing all through 4 years in Actech.

Do let me know in case something more materialized out of this little,um, shall we say, Tryst ?


1:39 PM  

Am goin next week same time and gonna get the phone no of Lassi.... :)

2:07 PM  

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