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Not an usual day

For the past 2 months I was the sole winner of 'Getting Up Late'. I had been sleeping every night (or should I say early morning) around 3:00 am. Every morning my cell gives 6 beeps (more like a cry of Plz get up asshole) in 30 mins. Technology being advancing leaps and bounds makes it easy for me to ignore my cell's alarm system. A gentle tap is enough to make it 'Sit, Stay, Roll'. After 2 hours of the scheduled wake up time I get up and find that atleast 4 of my roommates have already left for their respective jobs. But today was a different case.
Last week our musketeer family (my roomies) had a new candidate from Chennai. His name is 'Nick' Thats how his friends call him back in India. This guy is a hardcore badminton fan. He had playing for years right from his childhood. Should I say it as fortune or fate, I am also a fan of the sport (actually am a fan of any sport which makes me sweat). So we decided to take a try out in the morning. I asked him to wake me up at 6:30 which he promptly did. Sports is such a funny thing for us Indians that I woke up immediately... I was lucky that my mom wasnt there to see this horrible scene.. Even if it was my exam I would have not got up.
Playing with an Ex-state player is always a different feeling. NIck being a great badminton player whose additional hand is the way he fakes the shots made me really shed my sweat. It was an hours play. But that one hour was the longest badminton session in my life. He made me toil for every shot I attempted. I would never forget this incident not because I was made to run in all directions and stretch like a rubber band but coz today for the first time in my life I twisted my left ankle. It might be strange for those who are reading this blog. But for me thats my lucky foot so far. It never got hurt anyday of my whole life. But today for the first time things changed.
After the badminton session, we came home and I had this strangest experience in US for the first time. The thing was that I was hungry like shit in the morning for the first time in my one year and 8 days stay in US. I ate my cereals (which I had surfeited in my entire stay) like a voracious pig.
After the breakfast, I started reading news in the early morning (Yup, 10 is early for me) to extinguish my sleepiness. I read this fact on meteors and found out certain interesting facts. On an average 4 billion meteorites fall in our sky (So many shooting stars for luck in Western nations, indication of death in China and so many wishing faries for children and of course 0.0000000006% chances of finding something new about our universe by the worlds space organisations). A study published in 1985 in the journal Nature calculated the rate of impacts to humans as .0055 per year, or one event every 180 years. Thanks to Annie Hodges, odds are that the rest of us are safe through the end of this century. One way of deflecting a Near Earth Object is to explode a nuclear device in its vicinity. The resulting radiation pulse would vaporize the object's surface; as the vapor streamed away, it would deliver a thrust that could throw the body off course. This push is known as an X-ray slap.
To communicate over long distances, NATO and the National Weather Service still bounce radio signals off the ionized trails left by meteors when they enter Earth's atmosphere. Martian meteorites can sell for $500 a gram. Space rocks fetch just $2 a gram. And u wanna know where to buy them. Try with ebay or call Steven Speilberg (He is a meteorite freak).
After this short term waking call, I went for my dept and did some work with the AFM analyser. For some reason I saved this piece of fortune cookie in my wallet for more than 2 weeks. IT read 'Your work shall be well rewarded with better results'. It did start showing its power to me today. I got some images of my samples. Now I believed that I can make it up for my PhD quals.
Returned home, watched the movie Instinct (Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Junior) and then went for playing Soccer. Tried my new soccer shoes which costed $ 58.75 (approximately 2700 rupees, Plz dont inform my parents) and for my awe, I played real good. My defense position was speckless. Was great even with Pros. Then decided to test it in the midfield. Avoided 3 players and made it till the goal post. Decided to go for a long shot. Tapped the ball and found out that it whizzed past the keeper. I looked at my shoes in awe. Morgan said that the reason he chose those shoes were long shots coz I was a defender. Then at the last minutes went for a goal and did get one after missing the air passes from Pawan who was pissed with my talent as a striker.
Came home and to make the day better Sameer asked me to play chess. It was fun playing with him. He wasnt like other players. He had his own style, unique way of attacking. But he had one problem. He had one bishop protecting his whole kings territory. I sacrificed my queen for his bishop there (Yes I did it the smart way) and finished the game good. Then we had a short game of cards and after that it was sleey time. Had a great day and expecting more of it.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Hey...just practice playing badminton and next time you'll beat this guy. Good luck!

4:09 AM  

Thanks LadyBug. Shall have regular practice sessions from now on and shall win the game.

2:06 PM  

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