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Finally sometime to blog

The past 14 days has been a very hectic time for me. Things that happened these 2 weeks were a bit useful for my life... Ok interesting things first.
A friend of mine got engaged to a 32 year old softy (she is 23) and she is coming to the US on the 10th (Oh thats tommorrow). Her long liked crush here hates her arrival. The funny thing was I had to console her coz she wasn't happy with her sudden engagement (she wasn't sad too, was just confused) and I had to also laugh out loud with her crush here in US (coz he was one of my good friends). Two different characters, with two common things in their life. One passion to do great things and Two having a great friend 'ME'.
Had my summer update presentation in front of my lab collegues. Since I had problems with my results (Actually the problem was I dint get any results) and coz my guide was engrossed much with the other researches I decided to show him my frustration in a better way. Showed all my crap in the presentation and made it clear with my guide that I need some magic from his side (which I considered as support). Presentation turned out to be a great source of communication and it turned out that my guide started to ask questions and we now have short term goals and we have group meetings too.
Have been working real hard this week, doing loads of experiments. Its as if someone else does these experiments they would take double the time than what I am doing. Its like doing multiple things in a single stretch of time. When I do the heating I weigh substances, When I finish it, I pass nitrogen in the samples, In the meantime I take out old samples and clean them, etc, etc...
Yet one thing dint change so far. I still get up late (coz I sleep at 4 am) and go to lab at 11 am. But I stay till 6 30 now a days.
Our team lost for the third time in a row against KCC. But this time was worse. We had a much better team than the last time we clashed (which was around 45 days ago). We lost all our wickets for 86 runs with extras being the top scorer. I scored 1 in 12 balls. They bowled good, but not good enough to take wickets. They had a psychological advantage over us. Not that we played in their home ground but coz during one of our practice sessions a friend and team mate of ours (Bharath) was hit a by a bouncing delivery on his forehead right above his left eye. I was with him all the time in the emergency ward. Our teammates therefore feared the ball while batting. Thats how we all lost our wickets. As for me I tried to stay till the end and played sensible. Though 12 balls is meagre, it played its role during the game. Most of my teammates lost their wickets for less than a couple of balls.
My cell minutes got over this week and I had problems in calling in people. I decided to earn some more money by doing the guinea pig job i.e. act as a volunteer for health research. I had called like 4 programs ranging from cardiology to brain research and finally smoking research (Though I dont smoke). This should somehow make my bank balance a bit higher.
Yesterday I celebrated my first anniversary of coming to the US. Got my flight tickets for India. New students came a couple of days to our apartment and I showed them around the city. Our previous neighbours all moved out. We took most of their furniture and made a great deal out of our rooms. Now my room looks more than clean, it looks pretty.
After a long wait I finally had a chance to meet my juniors this year. Paritosh currently lives in Nitins room. That kid is good, but I dont understand Y mumbhaites (living in the most westernised part of India) dont like to talk in English or watch English movies. They keep on chatting whena great movie is going. But I like it that way. These guys still make me laugh. Then today like 3 hours ago I met Yamuna reddy. She looks good.. Have been using her name to frustrate my mom. Though I make all the remarks that I need a girl friend and stuff I dont think someone would really commit to me coz I have a different life. I dont think I can stand the sacrifice of my friends, the games in the evenings, the outings with roommates, etc. Anyway Nitin told that she is either engaged or married, which makes it better. If thats not true, shall give her a normal friendly introduction and shall have the ropes loose, not tight nor cut out.
I had applied some online jobs for my brother. I am the only one in the world who has to do lots for his elder brother than the other way round. Hope he settles somehow in his life. Other than these life is still the same old stuff. Somehow this week I am a bit nostalgic. Am missing all my college pals. Though everyone says they shall meet me in India when I go there, I dont think that they can make it. I cant ask them to sacrifice their job to meet me, but still I feel that I should meet them all at the same time.
As usual I am having financial problems with my brother and now I have a bigger problem to take into my accounts. I need to pay monthly $510 for my car.
I dont understand how long I shall withstand this pressure. I am about to crack someday soon and thats when I feel things would become normal.
As for now, hoping to get some good results so that I can go for the San Francisco conference and present my results. Actually I need a vacation from my place........ Hoping for the best.
Its been 7 years since I had smiled seeing my life. Dont know how long it would take to bring that smile in my real life.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, August 09, 2006


hari dude ! its been a whole year since u went to the US ?? :)

U play cricket and score 1 run from 12 balls in Kentucky too !!

and gud luck with that new gulti chick ;)

2:38 PM  

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