Indian Ameri


My First Poem

Ambling along the path,
My hands felt the cold
My knees felt the softness
My eyes longed for the texture
My heart raced for the color.
I was left alone
Little did I know what loneliness meant
Din't know what opportunity was
My mouth watered.
A curve appeared in my toothless face
I made a gurgled sound.
My arms and legs gained vigor
I raced,
I reached;
My hands had its own mind
It stuffed me
There were none to say 'No'.
I felt it coarse
My tongue rolled
My mouth spit
My eyes followed my soiled hands;
My forehead frowned
My eyes teared;
I looked up searching
There were none
I mumbled in my language,
None heard it;
Instantly I had this cry...
The cry of a wailing child.
It was heard
There she was
I recognized her
In my 'gaga gu' language
I cried Mommy...
She came
She cuddled;
I showed her my colored hands
She looked at me
Her hands wiped my mouth
Her face showed a concern
I saw this strangeness in her face
She noticed my puzzled look,
She smiled genuinely
And golden words came out.....
My son, Don't cry
For what you had done;
But smile
For what you had eaten;
It is the soil.........
Of your first mother......
"Mother India"
My eyes stopped watering
It sparkled clean
My smile returned
I looked at her
She gave a kiss
And cleaned me.
I never questioned
Coz I did understand
"Mother India" meant to me!
It meant infinity
After 23 years
I know what opportunity is
I know what loneliness means
I know what soil is
I also know how happy,
How fullfilled
My heart would be
When I kiss my Mother
"Mother India"
When I land in Her arms.
I long for that moment,
Which would make me
Proud enough
To shout to the world
"I am a son of Mother India"
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, October 27, 2006


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