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Whew! Finally I am free to write something in my blogpage. Today being Dusserah, I decided to clean my room. While moving things out of my room for vacuuming I noticed that the balcony was messy. So decided to clean it first. When I was moving all the bird droppings in my balcony using a polyethene bag I noticed that Harish's (my roomies who thinks hes a Bylwan) exercise cycle was laddened with dust. So took my old T shirt (had no other cloth in the house) wetted it and was wiping the cycle. As I was doing this I noticed dust in my ceiling fan. So used the same cloth to clean the fan. Eventually after doing this I cleaned the fans in another room too.
Went back to the balcony and took more bird droppings and threw them out of the balcony. Then there was this Nylon rope which we used last sem to dry our clothes. It was intertwined and entangled. It took me 8 mins to make the rope free of any knots and finally wound it neatly. Then I took the broom from my junior apartment and cleaned the whole balcony. The finer dusts were then vacuumed.
While I went downstairs to throw the trash I noticed that the stairs had beautifully webbed spider cobbwebbs. Though I was attracted to the beauty of the webs my Monica Chandler side forced me to clean the staircase. It took me 20 mins to clean the whole staircase. At the end there was a heap of cobbwebs and dust.
This is when I started to sneeze like hell. My nose turned apple red. My roomie sarcastically pointed out that I should make a good clown. Came back upstairs and looked at the mess in my room. I moved all the furniture to the balcony and then vacuumed my room. Unfortunately I wore the same slippers which I used for cleaning the staircase. So more dirt on the floor. So had to Mop the whole room with only water (no disinfectant).
Moved stuff back into my room. Then all of a sudden I realized that for the Pooja I need to clean the electronics in my room. So again took a piece of my T shirt and cleaned all the electronics. Thats when I again realized that I need to wash my cycle. Fortunately the Hari's lazy side woke up and said "No need its Cats Dens cycle". Yet I wiped the dirt of my cycle with the same cloth.
After all this fuzz, I moved more stuff into my room and realized that most of the stuff are not used often as I thought. So stuffed them in the common closet. Then vacuumed the corridor and finally set my bed.
Then I noticed that my room looks dull. So decided to decorate it. Took my Indian cricket team World Cup T shirt... Pineed it along the hands and neck with bell pins to the wall. Now my room looks different. All I need now for my room is our Honorable Flag of our Country INDIA. After all this commotion on cleaning room I decided to write this blog and now am noticing dust settling back on my laptop. Grrrr....... I need to take a break. I need to wash all my deeps and my God Pics. Need to keep Manjal (haldi) and Kumkum to the pics, to the electronics and the books which I am supposed to study. Then I have to do the pooja.
Good Lord!! If there wasnt festivals in India like this one we would never keep our house clean.... Ghosh!! I wish my mom was here to clean out stuff of my room. I made her work too much so long...
Am never gonna laugh on Monica Chandler when I watch her cleaning stuff in her room.
Who said Cleanliness is next to Godliness. He must have had a worker to do stuff or else he would have been dead cleaning stuff. I do research on micro and nano particles and never thought that they could be this devastating when it comes to clean dust out of ur house. Am taking a break now and gonna go and clean my body. Hope I cleanse things out of my mind and heart too. Hey come on no ones Perfect.... Happy Duesserah..... and Happy Saraswathi Pooja


the same as "whats with the dark and light green colours in ur blog page.."...;)thanks a lot dude...u reminded me to clean ma room too today...danks for ur comments too

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