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Good Tipping

Jumping one black square at a time
The six year old queen
Reached the corner table
She leaned her back to the wall

Gazing around the restaurant
She saw the sticker on the table
‘Good tipping’
She smiled at it and waited

The waitress came for the order
Exuberant with joy, the queen asked
How much is a chocolate sundae?
2.99 with a smiling face
The Vanilla Sundae?
2.89 fading smile
The.. the…. Third one under sundaes?
2.85 harsh words
How about the milkshakes?
2.80 anger blurted
Fruit punch? words subdued
2.69 hatred
Lemonade? Words swallowed
2.25 and you better take it.

Head down she said ‘OK’
Salivating, she waited
The waitress addressed another gentleman
He had food for $ 40
She slammed the ‘ade at the girl

Cherished every sip of it
Queen smiled all way long
Jingled the pennies, nickels and quarters
Made a humm to the jingles

Slurped the last drop
Clanked the coins over the table
Like the queen of chess jumping over white squares
With her curved smiled she left

The gentleman tipped 5 bucks
With the plastic smile
‘Have a nice day sir
Do visit again’

She came to the queens table
Noticed the sticker
She started crying the next moment
What was it??
There on the table lied
Two dollar bills, and a quarter

2 more quarters, couple of dimes
A nickel and 5 pennies
Lay aside over the words
‘Good tipping’

(In American restaurants if one tips 15% of his bill that means the food was great. Hats off to the chef, if its 13-15% then great service by the waitress, if it is less than 13% it means that you hated the place and you won’t come back to the restaurant. So next time think before you tip)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Dont you think poems ought to Rhyme or something ?

8:47 AM  

Hmm...interesting, didn't realize you had a penchant for writing poems. Do you also write short stories? Curious because I try to do that in my spare time and stand between passable and moderate :p

11:42 AM  

@ Abhi, I dont think all famous poems were rhyming. That doesnt imply that mine is famous. Just scribbling something at spare time.

@RS: Wow finally a comment from RS. Short stories - Yup I start writing short ones, but my expression is so great that it turns into a novel.... :)

7:53 PM  

Well i agree with hari on that...
A poem need not rhyme..
But the kind of poems that i like are those which have a small cute learning in life.. and that seems to be one kind of inspiration for many a poets apart from beauty, brutality and so on...
Thats probably one reason why i seem to like hari s this poem..
i liked it da..
no flaw in my eyes da...
Layman s View

10:16 PM  

A poem need not rhyme. But it should have a certain flow, buddy :)

But what the heck, im layman too

@ Krishnan: How are you mama ?
(i consciously picked 'mama' knowing ud not approve of such vocabulary and wud be pissed, atleast i hope so :)) )

9:14 AM  

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