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The shine in her eyes

The sun was at the horizon.
I sat on the park bench;
Wondering what it would be today,
Then I saw a silhouette.

An outline of a woman;
I moved aside to see her face,
She was beautiful;
She had a pit in her cheeks;
She seemed happy.

The baby on the carriage cried,
She made funny faces;
Mothers care was wonderful,
The baby smiled;
My camera clicked!

Then she started chatting;
With the other lady beside her,
They had fun laughing,
My camera clicked again!

Her other half arrived;
He gave her a gentle kiss,
She smiled;
Both played with the baby,
Clicked well!

Strangers to the park walked to her,
She greeted with her heart;
They shared thoughts;
The elderly people laughed with their stomachs,

The evening walkers waved a bye;
Her husband took the child for a stroll;
Her friend hugged her goodbye;
The sun sank below the horizon,
My fingers hesitated to click!

She waited,
I waited;
Her smiling face saw the sky,
Lost in thought;
The white curve dissolved;
There was only one shine in her face…

Her eyes shining brighter;
Than the rising moon,
Tears trickled;
My hands were steady with the camera;
My heart wasn’t…

Never clicked that moment,
Tears last longer in a frame,
Guilt rushed my eyes;
Sat next to her and said a hi,
She wiped her tears off…

She returned the favor;
“I like taking pictures.”
A question mark with her eyebrows,
I showed the clicked moments…

Confusion dehydrated her shine;
She liked the pictures,
I requested her one last favor;
“Can I take a picture of you crying?”

Saw the wrinkled forehead;
“Crying doesn’t suit your beauty”
Live dimples assured;
That it’s time for me to leave her in peace,
Anonymous I sank like the sun…

Clicked a thousand emotions;
On the way back home,
The dimple fairy touched me;
The ponder fairy cursed me;
For how long shall I carry my dimple?

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, March 18, 2007


Good try!!!
But don know why... somehow feel something missing this time..
Don know if i am correct or not.. But some feel is missing this time.. Or atleast the feel is not brought out into my heart..

Only a layman s feeling.
Probably too good for a layman.. GOD Knows...

2:06 PM  

What is missing is the reason abt y she cried.. What I judge from her action before she cried is (she looked at the sky and saw some birds flying high)she wants to be a free bird. She now has responsibilities (though happy ones) which takes away her freedom to be 'Independent'... Or she might be missing her family or freinds or crying abt the girl who died in yesterdays Soap (Jus kiddin), etc.... I can't go and ask everyone why they are sad?

2:19 PM  

that could be it!!!
but not sure!!!!!!!
anyways keep up the tempo Mr. Poet!!!
(Or Mr. WouldbePoet if you prefer)

2:36 PM  

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