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Where do I stand in life?

Walking down the woods;
Happiness rustling with the leaves,
I gazed the sky;
Dreamt I can fly,
I stepped…

Skies looked higher;
Woods grew taller,
Fallen leaves reached my eyes,
Realized I was sinking…

Kicked harder but sank faster,
Quick sand it was.
Calmness rushed physically, but
Tornado devastated my mind…

Cannot desert what I carried,
Coz the bag wasn’t mine.
Tried throwing it;
Made me sink deeper…

My life was at stake;
But the bag was more important.
There I sank alone;
Expecting someone would carry the bag…

Then I saw something;
Loose end of a rope…
Saw the other end;
There he was…

Sorrow swept me;
Coz he was puny,
I requested him to leave;
He cannot go for help,
Coz I made him mute…

Later I heard a voice;
Offered help,
I hesitated to reach;
Coz I feared;
She might sink too…

I saw them coming;
To save me,
It was just a mirage,
Coz they deserted me;
Long ago…

Here he smiled;
Asked me to open my bag,
Burdened with innocence;
I accepted to sink faster…

Smiling he crawled to me;
I had to scare him,
Also made funny faces,
Coz I need him to stay outside safe,
Yet not leave…

Then came the dozen dwarves;
They crossed the pit;
Stepping over me.
They thanked;
I said your welcome,
Never hoped to ask for their help…

More people came;
They filled my bag;
Allowed them to cross over me,
But none seemed strong enough;
To pull me out…

Laughing at my fate;
I waited for more to come,
I shall sink with my hands raised;
Holding firmly to the bag…

My mind filled with the question
Why me?
My confused heart shouts
Why can’t I?

With blind hope,
That the pit is not deeper;
I kick harder,
Only to notice I sink faster;
Where do I stand in life?

Should I kick harder?
Or should I drop the bag?
Either way I am sinking in life…
Where WILL I stand in life???
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, March 17, 2007


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1:25 AM  

My oh my! You write portry too

You know iam not sophisticated enough to comment on ur lines :)

But the pics great da

How are great ?

1:26 AM  

I meant to say

"how are things"

( i cant fucken type fast without embarrassing errors. sorry)

1:27 AM  

i know that you can come up with good surprises.. but this one s too good buddy!!!!
All the best man...
first a photographer... now a poet.. what next????
Pls don step into my field.. i don what competition now...

12:39 PM  

Hello World pls see 4 yourself - Hari s own comment on this work of his:
"dei nee remba pesura.... just now reread the so called poem of mine and spat on it... horrible english i would say.. only i can understand what it means... coz i wrote it..."
Trust me its not mine its his!!!!!

12:44 PM  

My dear concerned friend of mine, I strongly say that I won't even fit a percent into the elite class of poets.
If u consider me as a poet so early then I would say u havent read any real poetry. But gimme some time, shall develop the skills as time goes by. U know me. If I am into something then I won't sleep before I conquer it...

12:50 PM  

Hello i am not a poet..
am a layman.. i liked it.. thats all that i care.. i felt it to be poetic.. thats all that is needed..
so my comments stay..

12:52 PM  

Hmmm... If u liked the simple poem of mine, I guess I shall stick into the habit of writing more so called Poems.. The only problem is ppl read blogs but they dont have the courtesy to comment on it. no feedback really screws up the inspiration. So keep commenting.

1:00 PM  

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