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Delicious Idea - Sigh/Woo Hoo???

2 night outs, 1 full day of cross referencing and typing, deleting and retyping, and moments of glory and doom, all made the introduction of my paper pitch perfect. The final referencing went fine, till I started noticing names of second and third and subsequent authors of those papers which I remembered with the help of the faculty in charge. Man the toughest combination for typing names of people has to be definitely Greek and Japanese. Seriously no offense, ‘Where do you guys get your name from?’ With 95% of the work done, I started to my advisors office. He was definitely sleepless, thanks to one of my good friend’s defense; he was day dreaming the moment I entered.

Advisor: Definitely no time to talk! Just kidding! Let’s discuss briefly.
Me: Yup!
Blah Blah Blah Blah…….. (Contents of the conversation not that important to anyone outside my research field – that’s the world without me and my advisor. But, definitely a great discussion.)
Advisor: So that’s it! Let’s wrap it up and have it targeted for New Year.
Me: Great! So how did the defense go?
Advisor: It was a great job and I expect one similar from you. Or even better. (Me: Sighing with confidence actually). Anyway I gave a talk today in the xyz (don’t remember the name – I hate these memory blanks). These guys wanted our research in the food language. (Shows me the title of our research with words milk, etc)
Me: (Laughing….)
Advisor: (Laughing finally out of his sleep)
Me: You should have told them that using our research ‘We can prepare plastic surfaces which are non adhesive to cakes and creams so that you can have the whole cake without scraping of the surface any leftovers’
Advisor: (pause…… Longer pause…. Now his hand going to his chin. Me thinking ‘Oh Oooo’ He is thinking… Don’t say anything… Pleaseeeee….. My smile started to fade off)
Advisor: (breaks the pause, types something and) That’s a ‘Delicious Idea’! Can you just put it in technical words and submit a report along with your other proposals?
Me: (Confused.. Should I take it as good luck or an evil sarcasm), Yup! Definitely! You called it a ‘Delicious Idea’ (mocking him, smiled). I can’t say no to that!!!
Advisor: (smiles wholeheartedly)…Thanks then…
Me: Yup. Catch you later. Enjoy the weekend. Just in case. I’d be coming to the lab at nights for the paper and the proposals.
Advisor: Ok!

I left the room shaking my head (was it nodding in agreement or disapproval, I don’t remember)….
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, December 09, 2007


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