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Fall of Angels

('A little sweet a little sour.....' The song from 'Taare Zameen Par' brought back millions of memories. This poem is a dedication to all the children who are fighting against cancer, the people helping them SMILE and that one guy I'm trying to find - Sid. Happy Children's day.)
Teeny weeny hands pasted on paper;
Green, yellow and more later,
Rosy-rose Rosy-rose smiled Rosy;
Her flower made my mood cozy,
Tables of multiplication routed to age;
Singing in chorus they were on stage,
Jump big and high yelled the innocent devil;
Soft they landed on the soil,
Uncle sumo and uncle da on the rope;
Giving warm smiles was our hope,
We started just to play some parts;
And ended up losing to playful hearts,
One by one they were hit by the plague;
The purpose of life seemed to me vague,
Never was there a true Lord;
My belief on a true Creator went to trod,
Sid you left me in dearth;
Moments passed and so did my breath,
Anger was washed with tears of cloud;
As I see now the fall leaves in a crowd,
I think of you my friend;
And the many smiles we send,
Into the hearts of the angels;
Who have fallen....
And still falling..... Where are you da?
I miss you the most!
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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