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Ages it had been I did browsing on unwanted stuff and today was one such day. Watched a good friend’s picasa album where he showed pics of Italy, Shanghai and England and it was pretty impressive. I wished I had stayed back in India doing that awesome job of mine, get some good traveling offers and did a pretty good tour of the world. For every photo he had put (dude seriously those were good pics), I checked the history of the spot or artifact and it was interesting. This was going on for a while and I was thinking about the movie I saw moments before I went into chat with this friend of mine.

‘The man from earth’ is definitely a treat to your thoughts. Though there had been several occasions where most of the movies I liked like The Fountain, Dejavu, Babel, The English Patient were criticized by most of my friends as unworthy, not to reality movs this ones definitely a good one. This Sci-Fi movie written by Jerome Bixby (completed on his death bed) is simple and great (thinking abt it I miss reading books. I am thinking of starting back the routine with ‘The Kite Runner’). I recommend this movie to everyone who is interested in listening than watching movies.

Anyway coming back to the purpose of the blog, as I was checking the Queen’s land, my roomie called me into his room and as I entered, he was lying on the floor tired and immediately I realized that the purpose of my presence is to say a lie – a lie to keep him off work.

‘Tell that I have chest pain’ was his idea which I was a lil queasy abt. I said how abt ‘Change of weather and so got a heavy cold and fever’ Immediate ‘No’ from both my working roomies. ‘How abt the twisted ankle. It’s reality in ur case’ A big ‘No – they would still ask me to work in the cash register’

Though I hated giving chest pain as the source of lie, I decided to just give a blank statement and as I called I said, ‘My name is Hari, Am the roommate of A. He ain’t feeling good the whole day and he ain’t getting up either. He ain’t gonna make it for todays job’ and hung up the phone.

There started the lecture on how to tell a lie and ethics on the basics of how to tell a lie for future reference. A heavy 10 minute pounding of all the possible options in the world made me really knowledgeable
Finally I tried to change the subject asking them, ’Can I substitute u if there’s a possibility?’ After some technical frailties finally they said there is no way I can work there. Then came the fun stuff, ‘If you work, then it would be renamed as Haritaria or Chirras Café. Even if people don’t come to eat food, they would come to see you or say a hi to you and so on. The sarcasm went overboard. It was so funny and finally they admitted that to see them rarely one guy comes and it has always been me.’ It was a lil complement I loved and made our night perfect. More jokes and finally backed out to keep my lil friend stick to his bed. Not many days to go before he leaves Lexington and don’t know how many of such beautiful opportunities I would get to enjoy. Seriously I wonder what I would be without these guys. Before I get too nauseous lemme quit on this blog and watch Ghost Rider to add on to my weeks movie list.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, November 17, 2007


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