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Winter walks are also fun

Winter has 'just' set its foot in Lexington, and already people have started to complain about the weather. Well, with a fresh year with some rule breaking resolutions, a heavy traffic oriented route and no more biking (although there seems to be a possibility of getting my roomies bike), I've started enjoying winter walks already. Things that make me smile -
10. Umbrellas have no role in most normal people lives. Everybody likes to feel snow in their face.
9. No fuzz in choosing the right attire - Any jean, any T shirt and any of the two coats and thats it (at least for me)
8. A new look of the city - architecture is clear to notice, with the leaves fallen off trees.
7. All women look the same under the laddened wool - Seriously, that takes a lot of pressure off the eyes. [:D]
6. It's always fun to watch people dance (clueless movements) at signal crossings just to wriggle out the shiver of their back.
5. There's always someone waiting to join me when I walk - thanks to the weather, people hate going alone when they don't have a reason to leave their home.
4. 'Musics no good without sound baby' - People crossing me have either monkey caps or ear warming (whatever they call it) and don't listen to the volume I keep in my ipod.
3. Nobody notices any crazy stuff I do on the street coz everyones concentrating on watching their feet, to beat the chill.
2. Both sunrise and sunset are different and much more beautiful to 'aaahhhh' than the other seasons. Violet appears rarely in summer or spring. But winter is filled with a violet sky.
1. Children are in general cute to watch. But children snuggled under colorful coats, and contrasting gloves and 'topis', well smile is all I have.
Just waiting for that moment when public takes the routine path to life and quits complaining about the chill. No more 'avoiding talks' about the bad weather - seriously, the chill is on my skin and not my mind.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, December 06, 2007


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