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Brimming Nostalgia

6 am, on a foggy cool morning, yellow check lights brightening the creamish turtle neck Tee, one hand cuddling in the crude jean pocket whereas the other one holding a coffee mug filled with home made Gevalia Vanilla coffee close to the mouth, whiff of morning coffee along with the sweet scent of fresh foggy air titillating into highness, while the ears having its own share of bliss listening to 'Winds of Change' by the Scorpions and the walk slow but brisk enough to cherish the world that passed beyond the persons sight. He felt not one, but two heavy feelings in his muscles. One, that of the heavy eyelids thats closing as a result of physical and mental exhaustion that happened over a continuous period of a week, and the other - the feeling of heaviness from the medical rep bag that was casing his laptop.
As the bag hit his butt for every step he plunged, memories of those happened in a similar situation (and that includes the butt slap) hit him. Yes, you guessed it right! My brains got sunk to the level of my butt and I was rekindled with lost thoughts that once proved to be just questions which could have shaped the way I am now.
Several years ago, on a similar morning I waited momentous aeons for that one person I always to wanted to open my eyes at, each morning. Years later, it was yet another morning when I realized that I had lost the same person, most interested in me. Those were the moments when I was not sure of what I would do in my life. Lost faith in life, I wandered for an answer. A few months later, it was yet another fine morning, when I met that one kid who changed my view of society forever and made me go SMILE. Years later, on yet another cold morning, not whiffed but reeked with the smell of sulfur, starry skies blurred to the smoke of industrial pollution, I wandered out of my night shift over the salt dunes; lost in thought. 'Hey Hari! Badminton or Swimming tonight?' was how the experienced uncle used to make me lose my thought. That one age gap conversation gave me insight into the various questions I had encountered once I lost her. Yet I had that one question which bothered me a lot - 'What am I gonna do to survive in life?'
Well years later today I wondered what haven't I done to survive the same life. 'Winds of Change' was perfect enough to make me sail in retrospection. From a guy who had no clue of what life had for him, to a person who loves life as it comes now a days, it's a big deal. Gone are those days when memories, especially of hers, Haunted me. Instead they provide me confidence now. I was brimming with confidence, brimming with nostalgia and of course brimming of hot sugary water - thanks to thoughts, I barely realized that my taste buds were onto the syrup of a ton of sugar I usually pour in my coffee instead of the Gevalia flavor. Coming to coffee, for those friends who've been advising me to quit on coffee - here's the good news. Lately I've been drinking iced tea instead of coffee just for a change and mostly to give you guys the thought that I dont' depend on caffeine. I just had a pitcher of SWEETENED tea tonight (thanks to the concept of beverage refill in US restaurants) and am doing pretty good working like a Happy sweet zombie. And as far as the sugar goes - just now I was called by my advisor (as usual an incident that happened as I was abt to post my blog & yes he was working like me at 1:15 in the morning) for a short meeting and he offered me Halloween candy at the end. This sugary candy was long and sticky enough to salivate me and keep my mouth shut. 'It looks AWEFUL quiet when your shut!' was the smiling words from my advisors mouth and we both walked off eventually.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, November 01, 2007


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