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Ah.... Finally I've taken the SD card of my camera and copied the pictures. It's real ironic, that this is the only way I can dream of getting my degree (ahem ahem.... Even multiple doctorates)..... Right now, am in a pretty bad mood.. So I'll finish the post with this full stop (guess it's the closing apostrophe which won over the full stop)"."
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, May 19, 2008


ha ha ha.. so u got multiple doctorates :)

12:08 AM  

Cute pic!
*hugs* Cheer up

10:49 AM  

@ xh - Yup Doctor Doing Little....
@ the Nut - Lets not start on the cuteness again girl..... :D

1:00 PM  

If ur 'the graduate' whos Mrs. Robinson ? :)

11:58 PM  

@ A: Gosh - never knew that I'm like Dustin Hoffman.... PS, What's special than plastic? Hydrogels? :(

3:23 AM  

hey-- good luck.
And a cute pic.

11:45 AM  

PS: Details..plez..which crse...which country did u graduate
(dont tell me you are across the channel:-p)

4:43 PM  

@ mom of 2: 'Luck' - that I do need now coz I start to believe in it recently..... :(
@ Sid: Too bad that the closest Eiffel Tower I can see is in Las Vegas. Course - 'RE'peatedly 'SEARCH'ing the reason why I took PhD. and I've not yet graduated (and not sure if I would ever do.... :( )

10:25 AM  

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