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My Civilized & Historical Geography Skills

"That's not a problem! Guess it has to be like 8 or 9 hours. It's all a straight road", shooting affirmative statements at my querying friend at the background.
"Florida - cross the border and we should be in Texas", remembering the way the map of USA is in my mind and stating pretty confidently.
An immediate shock among the entire group, and one of my friends blurted with a smug, "Yoooow! You kidding? There's Mississippi, New Orleans - Louisiana and one more state too in between Texas and Florida"

Instantaneously, the snub was shot from another funny friend of mine, "Nuh uhhh... For Hari, it's all the same. Hit the road and he can jump right across the states and land in Texas in 6 hours"

Waking up from the imaginary Stateless USA map, I decided to surrender from further mockery with a submissive joke, "When were those states placed on the map? Where did they come from?" And the rest of the day was all fun. Till date, they pull my leg with this incident for fun....

The above incident happened about a month before New Year while planning a road trip from Lexington to Gainesville en route to Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi Island, San Antonio. Though I couldn't make it to Texas, somehow I planned a trip worthy enough for the guys to enjoy the bashful year.

Truly accepting, I'm just like the ant who follows the Sun in the sky. Give me a wheel to hold, a throttle to press on to and a printed google maps, and I'll keep on driving, not worrying about what states come on the way or even cities. I am the same guy who marked Mahabaleshwar in Mahabalipuram and confused Bhramaputra with Sumatra. Although I was pathetic in my geography somehow I managed to pass out of school with some funny memories (shading maps, locating cities, drawing rivers, etc was the worst things I've done in my History & geography class. Don't even ask about my civil science skills. All I knew was, I can vote when I'm 18).

A couple of days ago, I was involved in a similar geographical situation. While I was trying to help a good friend with options about her India trip, I put forth a splendid, unmistakably, 'worthless' plan, coz I had no clue of what lies to the North of New Delhi (actually to the south and east and west too :D). From my wonderful geographical memories, there's a vast expanse of space between Delhi and Jammu which could actually fit in the Savannah of Africa (or is it South America??? :o) and of course one of the cities under consideration.

Just now I checked the location of the three cities she had to visit during her trip and couldn't stop laughing, how much a jerk I was then, when I gave her an idea of my innovative travel plan. When she pointed out that her birth place in Chhatissgurh was somewhere away from Delhi by using hand gestures, I understood that she was born somewhere near Calcutta :))))... Now looking back, there's two Indian states between her birth place and Calcutta (just like Louisiana and Mississippi).

Her immediate comment after getting angry (which she somehow controlled from erupting magma on me) was, "Even if one city doesn't make a straight line with the other two, it forms a Triangle" or something similar to this.
"Wah Wahhh........ What Gyaan??? I never knew this concept.... How did I get out of school without knowing this?" is what that ran into my laughing head.... I managed to control my laughter and went truce with her statements.

Though the rest of discussion went pretty bad, to a state that she ended up generalizing to a degree on how people (or was it 'guyz'?, I don't remember now) always end up choosing the wrong option and forgot all about her food kept in the rear, I was a lil blank. But somehow, by the time I reached home, I realized from her final statement, that she came to a state of clarity, where eventually, she called one of the options as the 'generalized wrong option'. Great!! At least, my stupidity reinstated the 50:50 probability to a 50+:50- probability among her options.

A day later, I ended up filling my hunger with the Chalupa she forgot all about (Come on now! I did try to call her and inform about her food. Eventually forgot all about not keeping it in the refrigerator) and now, I am suffering from 'Chalupaose Intolerance'. Symptoms - Naaaaahhhh.... Doesn't smell that good ;)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, May 15, 2008


Lol!! I was laughing from word go :D
Geographically challenged are we now .. heh heh heh!!

8:08 PM  

@ the Nut: 'We' girl? I thought, girlz have a keen sense of direction and geographical skills.... What's with u?

10:22 AM  

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